Reborn As A Character That Never Existed Chapter 36


Reborn As A Character That Never Existed Chapter 36 will soon be out and promises to bring lots of drama and excitement! Don’t miss it – come quickly for all its drama and excitement!

This manga has won readers with its captivating story and unique premise, even without an anime adaptation. But don’t despair — you can read it online now.


Reborn as a Character That Never Existed is an exhilarating manga series set in an alternate reality where reality and fiction become intertwined. With its captivating art style and narrative, Reborn has drawn readers’ attention and earned positive reviews from critics alike.

Thalia, an accomplished novelist in her past life, awakens inside the novel that she wrote but cannot quite grasp that this world does not exist – especially as memories from childhood come back to haunt her and threaten to disorient her further.

Thalia is uncertain of her chances for survival after being attacked by Julian and Loina; additionally, she notices that Loina got her ear pierced for the first time – something Thalia hadn’t done herself in previous times.

Thalia may not be one of the more well-known girls at school, but she believes she is beginning to make an impressionful statement for herself. Always thinks ahead and plans her life’s goals with careful consideration and hope in mind. Unfortunately, these dreams sometimes fall through and leave Thalia feeling disappointed and bitter.

Once Thalia dies, she resurrects as the main female lead in a novel–a character who never existed before in real life. While trying to adapt, Thalia feels disoriented; Aegis implores her to change his fateful course by falling for Thalia’s younger sister instead.


Reborn as a Character That Never Existed is an engaging tale of love and destiny. Thalia finds herself isekai-ed into a novel she wrote, yet finds it hard to adjust to this new reality, torn between memories from the outside world and her understanding that everything in this novel was solely her creation. Yet regardless of any reservations, Thalia remains determined to save her younger sister from an untimely end.

Thalia is injured protecting Julian and Loina from an ambush and is taken to the hospital for treatment. While in recovery, she notices Loina has had her ear pierced despite protestations by Loina, who in turn didn’t seem pleased. Later, she sees that her father is threatened by Remetio, who wants House Igrasil destroyed; Thalia decides to join forces to defend House Igrasil without rebelling against her family.

Thalia struggles to adapt to her new life, questioning whether she could have saved her sister if only she had made different choices and fulfilled her responsibility as a writer. She feels guilty for failing her duty.

Thalia and her companions had been caught unawares by an ambush by numerous monsters; Aegis was so preoccupied with sustaining the bleeding that he overlooked that Thalia was hurt, pushing them away to escape but ending up trapped under an avalanche and becoming buried alive herself.

The next episode will reveal what happened to Thalia after she was rescued and her relationship with Aegis, now the novel’s main protagonist. Aegis and Thalia must work together to ensure that the conclusion of their tale remains faithful to its source material; manga fans should look forward to its release date – until then,, you can enjoy Reborn as a Character That Never Existed on Pocket Comics.


Reborn as a Character That Never Existed is an intriguing manga series with many fans excited. A romance story, its plot follows Thalia,, who finds herself isekai-ed into the novel she had written previously in life and attempts to get used to living there again, yet knows full well it is only an illusion fueled by her mind.

Thalia soon begins adjusting to her new life but notices some discrepancies: for instance, she is having trouble sleeping and keeps dreaming about the life she lived before; also strange is how much her little sister seems fascinated with the characters she created.

Reborn As a Character That Never Existed is available as a manga published by NHN Studio on Pocket Comics, though no Anime adaptation has yet been produced. Please show your support for its creators by only reading official versions rather than pirated copies; Chapter 39 was recently released weekly – click here for official reading sites to support creators!

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Reborn as a Character That Never Existed has not received an anime adaptation yet, yet the manga has earned much praise for its captivating art style and intriguing plot. On Naver, readers can read up-to-date chapters like part 5, where an enemy ambushes Julian, Thalia, and Loina, and viewers wonder whether Thalia will survive her injury.