Seeking Health Review


Seeking Health is a locally owned company with an impactful presence in their community. Their specialty is producing premium-grade supplements to boost stress resistance, digestive function, and more.

Individual perceptions of Internet information seeking are crucial, yet few studies have explored them in the Chinese context. Therefore, this research intends to investigate people’s attitudes regarding health information seeking online.

Why Choose Seeking Health?

Seeking Health is a small local company making a significant impact. Their vitamin and supplement products enhance people’s lives while contributing to community wellness initiatives. Cox Communications aligns its work to six core values: Create Customers for Life; Take Purposeful Action; Embrace Change; Collaborative Effort; Never Settle and Be You. They understand that cultivating healthy communities takes more than one individual, so they allocate 7% of their profits towards their Optimizing Lives Program. Sustainable Connections is among the many organizations they donate money to that fit their six areas of focus: environment, arts & wellness, basic needs, education & research. We couldn’t be more grateful that their money goes toward supporting us!

Between 2007 and 2010, consumer inclinations to seek health information decreased across every demographic category examined, including age, race/ethnicity, income level, and education level. The decline was most apparent among older Americans with chronic health conditions or lower education levels – those most in need of reliable information access – although differences narrowed or disappeared once taking other personal characteristics into account; education was the main influencing factor on consumers’ inclination to seek it out.

Methyl-Free Formulas

B Complex Plus Methyl Free provides eight essential B vitamins without the side effects of taking methylated forms of folate and B12. This powerful formulation supports healthy immune system functioning, energy production, hormone balance, positive mood regulation, and homocysteine regulation without creating adverse side effects reported by some people who take methylated nutrients.

This simplified multivitamin formula is ideal for individuals who prefer an everyday multivitamin free from methylated nutrients like B12 and folate. Instead, this product uses bioactive forms of these vitamins (adenosylcobalamin and hydroxocobalamin), which convert to their methylated forms when needed while not present when not required. Furthermore, this product intentionally excludes Vitamin C, Calcium, Magnesium, and Iron to customize your unique nutritional needs.

Customer feedback indicated they were experiencing nervousness and uncomfortable excitation while taking methylated B vitamins, so we created this methyl-free formulation. Made with high-quality ingredients to provide all the benefits associated with eight essential B vitamins but without their reported side effects.

This methyl-free prenatal multivitamin was specifically created to aid healthy pregnancy and pregnancy health. Free from methylated folate and B12 for those sensitive to them and iron to avoid competing with its absorption, it contains high-quality bioavailable folate and vitamin B12, such as folinic acid, that can be converted back into its original state when necessary.

Single Capsule Formulas

Seeking Health offers a selection of single-capsule formulas to meet customer needs. The company is well known for producing top-grade supplements that promote digestion and resist environmental toxins – expert formulation teams develop each supplement and rigorously test it for quality before being released for sale – Plus, all their products are free from artificial additives!

The Optimal Multivitamin Methyl One is an all-in-one nutritional formula designed to be easily assimilated by your body. The formulation includes B vitamins that aid methylation support and probiotics as a bonus.

Microbiome Formula Once Daily Women’s is a shelf-stable probiotic formula that supports female microbiomes. Featuring 16 diverse bacteria that reflect your microbiome (L. reuteri and L. fermentum, prebiotics such as oligofructose and organic acacia), as well as prebiotics oligofructose and organic acacia, this probiotic supports your female flora in its entirety.

Women’s Formula is also packed with herbal ingredients designed to support reproductive health and improve pelvic wellness, such as blessed thistle, blue cohosh, red raspberry leaf, squaw vine false unicorn ginger root, and lobelia. All these nutrients are delivered via delayed-release acid-resistant capsules that withstand harsh stomach acids to provide their essential nutrients efficiently.

Seeking Health has long demonstrated its commitment to the local community. Their Optimizing Lives Program donates 7% of profits from each sale to organizations that align with its six core values: Create Customers for Life; Take Purposeful Action; Embrace Change; Collaborative Effort; Never Settle and Be You. Furthermore, Seeking Health invests heavily in its employees to ensure top customer service and top quality products are offered; further growth has resulted in opening their first warehouse in Tennessee, which promises an even greater impact for them in making an even more significant contribution towards impacting local community wellbeing.

“Plus” Formulas

PLUS is the original four-factor food formula and has quickly become one of the go-to products for those needing additional vitamin, mineral, and enzyme support. Packed with chromium, adrenal concentrate, and B-vitamin support to reduce sugar cravings and support weight loss, PLUS is a rich source of whole-grain lipids and sterols.

Fullscript provides access to an unparalleled selection of practitioner-grade supplements in its first virtual dispensary. It empowers practitioners to generate revenue with clinically relevant products, seamless EHR integrations, and adherence-boosting tools.

Certifications of Analysis

Certificates of Analysis (COAs) are documents used to confirm the quality and purity of a product. These documents include information such as its chemical composition, microbiological content, physical properties, and more. This is commonly seen in dietary supplement and pharmaceutical industries. COAs can also help track products during recalls.

COA (Certificate of Analysis) are laboratory-generated documents designed to inform potential buyers about the results of testing and inspection performed on products by an entity, typically signed off by their representative. Their design and content typically conform with requirements identified by the lab, regulatory-driven standards, or standards developed by standard-developing organizations.

Seeking Health can provide a Certificate of Analysis (COA) for our products upon request. These scientific documents contain identification, test results for heavy metals and microbiology contaminants, and verification that it meet cGMP and other standards.

If you want a copy of our supplements’ Certificate of Analysis (COAs), please email or contact our customer service department. Choosing a dependable brand that provides COA when buying products for personal use or sale; ours does!

Join the Seeking Health family and help others achieve optimal wellness! We offer an array of supplements, nutrigenomics tests, educational materials, and webinars to support your efforts – be it social media posts, website links, blog articles, email, or podcast updates; the possibilities are limitless! All formulas from Seeking Health are free from GMOs, fillers, gluten, harsh preservatives, and the Big Eight allergens: milk, egg, fish, shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, and soy.