Stepping Stones Learning Academy


Stepping Stones Learning Academy provides a safe, nurturing, and enriched environment that fosters children’s growth. Their philosophy emphasizes trust-building and developing cognitive abilities.

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Language and Literacy

Stepping Stones’ curriculum fosters hands-on explorations and discovery to promote learning in children, encouraging independent quests that boost confidence and creative thought processes. Montessori method teaching philosophy has been proven through research to deepen cognitive understanding while simultaneously encouraging independence, interest, and persistence – not to mention fostering social skills, emerging mathematical abilities, and early literacy concepts.

Our classrooms are designed with long periods of uninterrupted work time for children to select an activity and complete it, guided by teachers as facilitators or mentors who facilitate the exploration of materials or ideas while reinforcing classroom routines and providing safe spaces where children feel at ease and have control of their environment.

Our educational approach is founded on the belief that all children can learn. This belief is evident in our child-focused curriculum, which supports the International Baccalaureate Learner Profile and emphasizes method rather than content. Furthermore, the foundation emphasizes community and global perspectives while cultivating self-discipline, independence, and service among our students through regular observations, work samples and conferences, and narrative reports uploaded onto Veracross for parents to review.

Physical Science

Children are encouraged to explore their environment through all five senses, laying a solid learning foundation. Math concepts such as one-to-one correspondence, size, shapes, and weight are introduced via stacking cups, blocks, pegboards, and various number activities. Life science topics covered include planting seeds in the classroom and nature center soil and watching caterpillars metamorphose into butterflies over time; earth science has explored layers of the earth using solids, liquids, and gases comparison.

Our students learn math through various tactile tools and hands-on activities that foster deeper conceptual understanding with every lesson. ORIGO Stepping Stones 2.0 follows an efficient learner-friendly sequence designed to take them from concrete to pictorial representation to abstraction, as well as accessing updated digital manipulatives from Brainingcamp, an innovative provider that brings lessons alive.

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Creative Arts

Stepping Stones students learn through activities designed to support their language and literacy development, including reading high-quality books, discussing them with teachers and peers, engaging in dramatic play, and reading aloud. Through such experiences, children can explore their imaginations while becoming independent learners.

Our classrooms offer a selection of art materials designed to encourage children’s imaginations and creativity in self-expression. Through this creative process, they develop cognitive abilities such as autonomy, logic, and reasoning while their motor skills grow through exploring various art media and tools.

Through our physical science curriculum, children develop a solid grasp of basic scientific principles through daily interaction with natural and manmade objects both natural and manmade. They participate in inquiry-driven problem-solving exercises designed to make sense of their environment – activities such as baking, color mixing, block exposure to magnets, and water play provide ample practice opportunities.

Teachers guide and mentor children, ensuring they gain invaluable experiences across all aspects of our curriculum. Teachers achieve this by offering extended, uninterrupted work cycles, allowing children to select activities independently and make the necessary decisions to complete them successfully. Students’ progress within our curriculum is then officially assessed via narrative report cards in Veracross.

Social and Emotional Development

Stepping Stones provides an environment to nurture children’s social and emotional development through various activities such as art, music, drama, and gymnastics. These activities help children build self-esteem, respect for other’s differences, and problem-solving abilities, which allow them to communicate and interact effectively with peers and adults.

The school offers an exceptional educational experience through a strict code of conduct and caring staff, making it stand out. Teachers are always available to talk with students and parents. Furthermore, its curriculum exceeds state standards while being enjoyable and engaging for children.

The program employs the Creative Curriculum, a research-based curriculum that allows children to explore and discover as a means of learning. This promotes confidence and creativity – both critical components of cognitive development – while simultaneously developing motor skills and creating an appreciation for lifelong education.

Stepping Stones Child Care Services offers various services for families of children with developmental disabilities. One such program, Group Stepping Stones Triple P, is evidence-based – meaning its short-term positive impact has been verified through at least one rigorous evaluation – and can be provided at family homes, community settings, or school facilities and virtually for individual and group sessions.