Tattoos About Letting Go


Tattoos might not be able to cure depression and anxiety, but they can certainly help people cope. This is especially true with tattoos that remind the wearer of past struggles they’ve overcome.

Tattoos that express mental health issues provide you with the support you need during difficult times and encourage you to keep going forward with life.

1. The Spiral

The spiral is an ancient and beautiful symbol with multiple meanings, representing journey, growth, or change, symbolizing life’s cycle, as well as symbolizing energy’s cycle of renewal and decay. Tattooed spirals can either be depicted realistically or stylized depending on your tattoo design, drawn using different colors such as black to vibrant hues.

A spiral has long been seen as a symbol of fertility and motherhood, as well as spiritual rebirth. Additionally, this shape is associated with the golden ratio, an aesthetic arrangement of numbers that creates an eye-pleasing pattern found everywhere, from flower petals to pine cones and galaxies.

An intricate spiral tattoo can have an enormously beneficial effect on those it adorns, providing comfort during challenging moments in life and keeping them connected to those around them – as its shape often symbolizes unity and peace.

Spiral tattoos can be found everywhere in nature, such as fingerprints, DNA molecules, mollusk shells, whirlpools and tornadoes, and even stars of our universe. Their presence serves as a constant reminder that we belong to an ever-evolving universe whose components continue to change over time.

Tattooing a spiral signifies eternal renewal because its form lacks a beginning or end, representing change over time and growth. Furthermore, wearing one serves as a constant reminder that new experiences and possibilities await them in life.

As the foundation of any tree, spirals symbolize growth and transformation while at the same time signifying balance and harmony. Spirals are also popular symbols used by Celtic culture to represent both life’s cycle of birth to death as well as energy exchange between life forms.

2. The Button

Tattoos allow people to express sentiments and concepts, both personal and universal; symbols may be potent here; however, there are also words, such as the Greek term Meraki, that convey essential ideas – for instance, living your life with passion and purpose is an ideal mantra!

Tattoo symbols that evoke feelings of relaxation include the ellipsis. Ellipsis is used in grammar to indicate incomplete sentences and spiritual significance as well. Many opt to get one as a reminder to pause and reflect now and again, which can help maintain mental well-being in modern society.

Tattooing one’s power button is a popular trend among computer enthusiasts as it symbolizes their desire to break free from society’s restrictions and be independent. Furthermore, starting a game or life event represents a new beginning for them, making this tattoo suitable as a life symbol as well.

Other tattoos designed to help us include the wave, om symbol, and semicolon. Wave tattoos may represent your zodiac sign, like Aquarius or Pisces, as a reminder to embrace life’s natural ebbs and flows and let go of anxiety. Meanwhile, an om symbol tattoo serves as an ancient religious reminder that can serve as a good way of breathing out tension and relaxing into each moment.

The semicolon is an excellent symbol for those experiencing mental health difficulties or grieving the death of a loved one due to suicide. It can show solidarity with those dealing with depression and other forms of mental illness while serving as a potent reminder that life goes on after loss.

3. The Moth

Moths are an increasingly popular symbol of change and transformation. Like butterflies, moths are closely tied with lunar symbolism and often represent intuition, femininity, and the desire to seek light within darkness. Their nocturnal nature also makes them the perfect illustration of life versus death – making this tattoo design choice suitable for commemorating loved ones who have passed.

Tattooing a moth on your body can be a beautiful way to mark a positive change in your life, such as moving on from an old relationship. Or it could symbolize that you’re welcoming the next chapter with open wings while keeping hold of what matters most in life.

Your moth tattoo can also serve as a meaningful tribute to those who have passed on, be they loved ones or mentors. Celebrity Kaley Cucco famously has one covering the Roman numerals of her former husband’s name to symbolize his passing away. Whatever its purpose may be for you, having one serves as a potent reminder that change brings about excellent results and that nothing stands between us and our happiness.

Moth tattoo designs with geometric moths arranged around a moon or stars can emphasize their connection to the night sky while emphasizing their intuitive abilities. This design makes a striking statement about mystical spirituality while adding some edge.

Replicating the lifelike features and complexity of moths with tattoo art is an ideal option for anyone wanting an exquisite reminder. Before proceeding with this type of tattoo design, consult with an expert tattoo artist in order to discuss its design details and ensure it will look its best.

4. The Petals

Flower petals are an exquisite symbol of love, representing any variety. A rose may symbolize genuine affection, while daisies symbolize innocence; each petal can carry different connotations for you. Tattoos of these vibrant blooms can serve as beautiful ways to display tenderness or even serve as reminders for loved ones you’ve lost.

Roses are among the most beloved floral tattoos for several reasons. Roses symbolize unconditional love, commitment, and adoration, making them ideal choices to show someone their devotion. Lilies also symbolize this emotion, while sunflowers serve as a great reminder of someone who has passed.

Tattoos that feature other flowers that represent beauty and elegance include orchids, which symbolize beauty and grace; hibiscus, an exotic tropical flower that represents happiness; and Holly, a flower that stands for domestic bliss. All these flowers provide the opportunity to show off your unique personality through tattoo art!

Poppy flowers have long been seen as symbols of hope and are also poignant reminders of those we’ve lost. Their vibrant blooms stand out well against any background color palette – their vibrant flowers look especially striking against black or gray backgrounds.

A lotus flower represents spiritual enlightenment and growth, its eight petals reflecting the Eightfold Path of Buddhism – making it the ideal symbol to describe your journey on its spiritual path. Hiscuscus flowers also can represent pride and sunshine, while tropical heliconia flowers symbolize adoration and are excellent reminders of your memories.

According to Rodriguez and Mitchell, their clients often request roses, lilies, and peonies as they represent meaningful flowers for memorializing someone who has passed. Cleopatra Ink provides many artists who specialize in floral tattoo designs that can help you craft the ideal plan!