Urn Flower Arrangements


Urn flower arrangements can be customized to create the look and feel you desire for your memorial service; make sure to buy extra blooms in case any are damaged during arranging.

Begin by gathering your flowers and foam. Additionally, a tray is needed for placing wet floral foam.

Urn Sprays

Urn flower arrangements are essential to show our sympathies and support during a memorial service. They’re often displayed near or on top of an urn, featuring photos or unique keepsakes as tributes – our experienced florists create stunning urn sprays sure to be an enduring memory of your loved one.

This Urn Spray is custom-crafted to fit a standard-size cremation urn and includes your choice of an 8×10 or 11×14 photograph, cascading pink roses, white snapdragons, green carnations, Stargazer lilies, and statice. Surrounded by fragrant lavender and white lisianthus and Parvi Eucalyptus for an ideal funeral service setting.

Send this beautiful standing spray of pink roses, yellow tulips, purple irises, and other blooms to express your condolences at funeral or memorial services. It is an impressive show of beauty and faith.

Urn Bouquets

Urn bouquets combine many of the same design ideas for creating beautiful urn sprays with larger groupings of flowers that adorn and frame a memorial urn, such as roses, lilies, carnations, or others. Some bouquets may even include photo tributes or other forms of decor to complete this stunning arrangement.

As shown below, this bouquet features callas, roses, bells of Ireland, hydrangea, and larkspur to form a floral circle around a memorial urn to evoke feelings of comfort and remembrance. Additionally, natural elements like birch branches and pine cones enhance this relaxing setting and help foster feelings of comfort and restfulness within this arrangement.

An integral component of any funeral service should be paying tribute to the life and personality of the departed in ways that reflect their life and style. This can include dressing them according to how they were dressed when alive, reflecting their hobbies or interests, and including tributes from loved ones who knew them best.

Alternatively, consider including elements related to their hobbies – antique books for lifelong readers, baseball cards or logo golf balls as collectibles for sports fans, or an array of antique typewriters as memorial tributes for authors.

Urn Centerpieces

Urn flower arrangements are an elegant way to commemorate someone special who has passed on, often used at funerals, cremation services, and memorial services. Constructed using beautiful blooms that add warmth and comfort during such sad occasions, they also make great sympathy gifts that help show our sympathy to grieving individuals.

Making urn flower arrangements can be an exciting DIY project for your wedding or event, especially as centerpieces at ceremonies or receptions. Use large urns as stunning centerpieces at ceremonies and receptions, decorated with ribbon and other decorative accents that match your decor. The key to successful DIY urn arrangements lies in selecting suitable flower stems to use in floral foam; start with roses or hydrangeas and cut their stems down to an appropriate length before sticking into the foam – then spin the urn while working to ensure every side looks equally decorated.

Add the perfect finishing touches to your urn flower arrangement by including small berries and greenery such as berries, Cassandra, or eucalyptus leaves in your account. Sprigs of rosemary or thyme will further amplify their fragrance; finally, complete it with a layer of tulle to give a shimmering final touch!

Urn Baskets

A pedestal and urn are timeless symbols of life that add beauty to any room or garden space. Hand-crafted using wicker with a woven basket top and base. Makes for excellent decor in any room or can hold small arrangements of flowers.

This biodegradable urn is designed to break down, and return cremated remains to nature. Crafted of gold-rust colored pine needles that have been individually collected, soaked, sewn by hand, and sewn to form this beautiful basket, its natural materials were selected with our environment in mind.

This flower arrangement for an urn is a touching tribute to your loved one’s memory. Crafted by FTD artisan florists, the bouquet includes pink roses, carnations, Stargazer lilies, static, and lush greens for an impressive design that makes an appropriate setting for their urn or funeral service. It also makes a fitting centerpiece.