AeroChamber Plus Flow-Vu Spacer


Spacers can help ensure medication reaches where it should be. The AEROCHAMBER PLUS* Flow-Vu chamber is easy to use, available in various sizes with either a mouthpiece or mask attachment, and features one or both options for ease of use.

It features a Flow-Vu inhalation indicator that moves with inspiration, helping caregivers verify an effective inhalation. An EZ-Flow Exhalation valve minimizes rebreathing and directs airflow away from the face for maximum patient comfort.

Easy to use

AeroChamber Plus Flow-Vu chamber is an intuitive spacer designed to help you use a metered dose inhaler properly. It fits most common inhalers and can be used with either mouthpieces or masks; additionally, it features an inhalation indicator and comes in multiple sizes to meet individual needs. Selecting the proper spacer size for your inhaler ensures the medication reaches its destination rather than getting caught in your throat and mouth.

Valves holding chambers (VHC) have long been available in different shapes and sizes, with the AeroChamber Plus Flow-Vu antistatic VHC being one of the latest popular devices available today. Studies conducted on clinical trial participants using AC+FV aVHCs demonstrated decreased asthma exacerbations, resource use, and costs compared to control non-antistatic VHCs.

The Flow-Vu inhalation indicator moves with inspiration to assure carers of correct inhalation. Furthermore, its FlowSignal whistle reminds patients to breathe slowly. Moreover, an EZ Flow exhalation valve minimizes re-breathing and redirects exhaled air away from the face to reduce medication interaction from exhaled air; its ComfortSeal mask features pediatric options; finally, its AC+FV aVHC is easy to maintain with no pretreatment needed prior.

Easy to clean

Spacers are essential in effectively administering metered inhaler (puffer) medication to your lungs. By slowing the speed of medicine delivery and its anti-static body holding it suspended until you’re ready to inhale, they help your metered dose inhaler medication reach its destination more safely. One-way valve spacers may allow aerosol dispersion within, so charge-dissipative plastic spacers such as AeroChamber Plus Flow-Vu Anti-static Valved Holding Chamber should be preferred over those without. For optimal use and performance, please clean regularly after each use as instructed and at least monthly, if not more frequently.

Check that the aero chamber is in good condition and undamaged before using it, following all instructions and warnings and following your GP’s advice for safe and efficient usage.

Easy to transport

AEROCHAMBER PLUS is an inhaler device designed to assist in administering metered-dose inhalers correctly by decreasing how much medication lands in your mouth and throat – potentially leading to side effects – and increasing how much reaches your lungs. Compatible with any pressurized MDI device and easy to transport and store.

The EZ Flow exhalation valve features a one-way valve designed to open with minimal inspiratory effort, close on exhalation, and retain medication inside for the next breath. Furthermore, this design minimizes rebreathing by channeling exhaled air away from patient faces – and is also anti-static; use straight from its packaging without pretreatment!

The Flow-Vu Inhalation Indicator moves with each breath, helping patients and caregivers ensure proper inhalation. Equipped with a flow signal whistle that sounds when inhaling too rapidly and reminds the individual to slow down. A wide selection of mask sizes makes this device suitable for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Cleaning and disinfecting the AEROCHAMBER PLUS after every use is crucial to its efficiency, so follow the cleaning instructions. By doing this, you’ll ensure it keeps performing optimally!

Easy to store

Spacers can help you reap maximum benefit from asthma and COPD medications. Spacers provide full effect from treatment by increasing the amount that reaches your lungs, reducing side effects, and helping stop inhalers from spraying medicine into your mouth and throat (causing irritation).

A spacer is a plastic device to help you use your inhaler correctly. Available at most pharmacies without a prescription, newcomers to using spacers should seek instruction from their doctor before using one themselves. Spacers are suitable for people of all ages but are incredibly effective when used by children who may struggle to coordinate breathing with inhalers.

The AeroChamber Plus Flow-Vu VHC With ComfortSeal Mask is an intuitive spacer that improves medication delivery from most pressurized metered dose inhalers. Its unique shape reduces liquid pooling while offering clear viewing chambers so patients and caregivers can see if medications have been delivered successfully.

The spacer features an EZ Flow Exhalation Valve, which reduces rebreathing by redirecting exhaled airflow away from re-breathing, as well as an indicator that changes color as you breathe in and out to help determine whether lips are correctly sealed around the mouthpiece.