What Channel is the US Open on?


ESPN will serve as the primary broadcaster of the US Open, providing coverage from start to finish across their networks. They plan on airing approximately 140 hours of the tournament via traditional media while streaming 1,000 via digital platforms.

Here’s everything you need to know about watching golf’s third major at Los Angeles Country Club on NBC and USA Network and streaming it via ESPN Peacock service.


The US Open is one of the year’s must-attend sporting events and must-sees for tennis enthusiasts as one of only Grand Slam tournaments that utilize lighted courts; viewing it on TV should be easier for viewers than other Grand Slams tournaments. There are various ways to watch it, including ESPN streaming services and Hulu, Sling TV, or FuboTV subscription services if cord-cutting is an issue for you.

What channel will the 2023 US Open be on

ESPN will offer comprehensive first-to-last ball coverage during this year’s US Open, from first ball to last ball on all networks and services – from live televised coverage on ESPN and ESPN2, plus 1,000 hours via ESPN+ and the ESPN app. Furthermore, viewers can view the US Open Qualifying Tournament live-streamed from Tuesday, August 22, through Friday, August 25, on ESPN+.

While the US Open is available on both NBC and USA Network television stations, to watch any matches before 1 PM ET on Thursday, Friday, or Sunday, you must subscribe to either Sling TV (sign up here), FuboTV (sign up here), or DIRECTV STREAMING subscription services; using one of these links on this page to sign up may result in this site receiving a commission payment from either.

Can You Watch the US Open on Amazon Prime? The United States Open (US Open) is an annual tennis tournament held at New York’s US National Tennis Center and one of four Grand Slam tournaments (the Australian Open, Wimbledon, and French Open). With decades of history behind it, this major sporting event is one of its premier tournaments.

ESPN has held the exclusive domestic broadcast rights since 1995, expanding their coverage to include US Open qualifying tournament, men’s and women’s doubles finals, and men’s singles finals – and live streaming the tournament via ESPN+ for three years!

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