3G Tour Ultra Right Hand Bowling Shoes


Unleash your full potential and elevate your game with these premium bowling shoes, featuring an integrated cleat pack and multiple interchangeable slide soles to customize your slide for competitive conditions most bowlers encounter.

Made with lightweight yet strong leather – Kangaroo Hide – these durable yet comfortable shoes deliver exceptional performance, versatility, and durability. Additionally, their interchangeable sole/heel system adapts perfectly to changing lane conditions.


As a bowler, you know the importance of wearing the appropriate pair of shoes. They support your muscles by cushioning the feet and legs while remaining comfortable to wear; in fact, the ideal bowling shoes will fit like a glove on your feet when worn and feel amazing when walking! Furthermore, lightweight yet easy maintenance are two other vital qualities needed in bowling shoes.

The 3G Mens Tour Ultra bowling shoes represent the pinnacle of performance and comfort, featuring premium kangaroo leather that’s both flexible and durable, interchangeable soles, heels, cleats, and rubber traction soles for easy push-off.

These bowling shoes are ideal for any style of play. Their lightweight construction and sleek design won’t look out of place on the lanes, while their cushioned collar and tongue ensure maximum comfort during gameplay. Furthermore, there’s an assortment of colors available so that you can find one that best reflects your style.

The 3G Mens Tour Ultra White/c right-hand bowling shoes are constructed of durable, comfortable leather that’s comfortable to wear for hours on end. Their revolutionary tour outsole design boasts a giant wedge that gradually increases toward the heel to help improve slide position. In addition, these bowling shoes come equipped with features such as shoe trees, cleat picks, and sole cover protection to make wearing these bowling shoes an experience you won’t soon forget!


These shoes were created to take your game to the next level, with sustainable comfort leather construction that won’t wear down after long games of bowling. Plus, their interchangeable sole and heel system means you can adapt them for different conditions!

Kangaroo hide leather construction ensures durability and long-term comfort, with multiple colors to choose from and all-day wearability in mind. The 3G tour ultra bowling shoes are an ideal option for serious bowlers.

These shoes feature an enhanced Tour outsole that ensures superior slide positioning and increased stability, featuring a 50% larger wedge that gradually increases towards the heel for more accessible balance and control during your slide slides. Furthermore, their premium, breathable material keeps feet cool and dry after long sessions on the lanes.

This right-handed bowling shoe is an ideal solution for anyone seeking to elevate their game. Equipped with four distinct soles (deer skin, back skin, chrome leather, and cleated), three heels (flat regular, rippled, and back skin), as well as shoe trees, cleat pick, slide sole cover, and an easily transportable carry-all bag; you can tailor them perfectly to any lane condition and adjust accordingly.


These 3g tour ultra bowling shoes are engineered for maximum comfort and performance, made of durable comfort leather with interchangeable sole and heel components to suit individual preferences and playing conditions. Their design offers an ultimate slide, while Kevlar prevents blisters while providing excellent traction in any playing condition. Furthermore, there’s even a removable slide sole/heel attachment that is compatible with all 3G spare parts, allowing quick changeover of soles as needed.

These shoes are the ideal solution for all bowlers and are extremely comfortable to wear. Crafted from solid yet flexible kangaroo leather, their sleek designs will turn heads down the lane as you walk down it. Available in multiple colors with interchangeable heels and soles so they can meet any playing condition imaginable, these shoes provide endless bowling pleasure!

The 3G men’s Tour Ultra shoes are an excellent way to elevate any bowler’s game to new levels. Crafted from lightweight kangaroo leather – which is known for being more flexible and comfortable than other types of leather – these sleek yet stylish shoes will turn heads on the lanes and come in an assortment of colors so they match any ensemble perfectly.

This pair of shoes includes everything necessary to start bowling immediately. They feature four distinct soles (deer skin, back skin, chrome leather, and cleated), as well as three distinct heels (flat regular, rippled, and back skin). In addition, there are shoe trees, cleat picks, and slide sole covers – making these the ideal option for any bowler!

The 3G Tour Ultra shoes are top of their class and will help elevate your game. Crafted from premium kangaroo leather, their interchangeable heels and soles enable you to tailor them specifically to your style – the removable heel provides more slide! Furthermore, these durable yet comfortable shoes boast firm but non-rock rugged soles for additional stability during gameplay, while their vented lining helps keep feet cool and dry during gameplay. They are a very affordable pair of shoes that will stand the test of time.


The 3G Tour Ultra/C White/Mint Right Hand Bowling Shoes represent the pinnacle of performance and comfort. Boasting an interchangeable sole/heel system that adapts to any lane condition, these shoes also boast incredible durability with sustainable Comfort Leather construction reinforced with DuPont Kevlar for protection during intense gameplay.

The Tour Outsole features a 50% larger EVA wedge that gradually increases toward the heel for improved positioning during your slide. This improves control and stability to help take your game to new levels; additionally, an authentic Buckskin slide frame guarantees consistent performance and long-term durability.

These shoes are tailored to provide severe players with a competitive edge. Their flexible cleat pack and interchangeable slide soles allow you to tailor them specifically to your playing style; lightweight yet strong materials like kangaroo hide provide maximum support, and precisely engineered frames keep soles secure in place.

The Mens Tour Ultra Black/Orange Right Hand Bowling Shoe is an ideal shoe for severe players seeking to elevate their game to new levels. Boasting a unique Tour Outsole with interchangeable traction sole and heel components and an authentic Buckskin slide frame. Constructed with high-grade rubber for superior gripping power on lanes. Crafted with comfortable leather for optimal fit.