Barcelona Walking Tours


Barcelona is a melting pot of cultures and languages; discover its various layers on this tour that teaches you to read its history through scratches on walls and political graffiti. Obtain the Best information about que hacer en Barcelona este fin de semana.

Runner Bean Tours’ free walking tour through Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter provides you with an overview of Catalonian architect Antoni Gaudi.

Arc de Triomphe

The Arc de Triomphe stands as an iconic symbol of Paris and one of Europe’s most stunning triumphal arches. Constructed to honour fallen soldiers of the French revolution and Napoleonic wars, its construction forms part of its Axe Historique. Decorated with statues commemorating military commanders and battles from both wars as well as 49 regions from Spain represented on its columns; at its center is the Tomb of Unknown Soldier positioned to prevent celebration processions passing through this monument to victory, thus keeping its status as a place of rememberance and respect.

Be Local Tours offers guided tours for visitors who prefer an interactive experience at Park Guell with certified site guides and are the perfect solution if time is tight in Barcelona; visitors with more time will have more chance to admire this extraordinary UNESCO site in depth.

Barcelona is a melting pot of languages, cultures, and vibrant personalities, but some of its most excellent history may lie unknowingly under your feet or on its buildings. Take this tour from Other Eyes and uncover it all as you search for hidden gems like scratches on facades, political graffiti, or messages left by construction workers – you will indeed find an array of fascinating secrets!

Passeig Lluis Companys

The Lluis Companies Bridge connecting Passeig de la Ciutat Vella from Barcelona’s old quarter to Eixample is a popular stop for numerous Barcelona walking tours, particularly those offered free by Other Eyes, a non-profit organization. Other Eyes’ free tour teaches visitors how to decipher hidden messages in stones and walls around them, such as political graffiti or even construction workers’ messages left by hand – all waiting to be discovered!

Context Travel offers a small group tour through Context Travel that highlights two of Gaudi’s best works in Barcelona – Sagrada Familia is filled with symbolism and hidden meaning, while Hospital Sant Pau was designed by Domenech I Montaner, who served as his teacher and mentor.

On this guided small group tour of Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, you’ll get to explore its ancient corners. Your guided walking tour includes visits to places like Placa Reial, Barcelona Cathedral and La Boqueria Market; additionally you’ll pass along well-preserved Roman walls while hearing about its rich history from your guide.

Ciutadella Park

City Centre Park is a beloved green space where locals come together for reading, yoga slack-lining, or simply relaxing in peace and serenity. There are playgrounds, water features and sculptures by Gaudi scattered throughout its grounds; as well as being home to an excellent zoological museum that draws both children and adults alike.

The Umbracle (Green House), made from wood and brick construction, houses shade-loving plants. Built for the World Exposition that took place in Barcelona in 1888, its construction made an impactful statement about Barcelona as a global center. Nearby stands Casetel dels Tres Dragons, an impressive medieval castle that serves as the main entryway into the park.

Once you’ve seen these structures, head north of Ciutadella Park, where the Cascada Fountain awaits. Designed by Josep Fontsere in collaboration with young architect Antoni Gaudi, its ornate design will delight any visitor.

Avoid long lines at Park Guell and enjoy more time soaking up this extraordinary UNESCO site with a certified site guide, learning more about its stunning modernist structures on this intimate small-group tour capped at 12 people.

Museu Picasso

Discover the world of Picasso on this 2-hour tour with your guide, who will share stories about his friends and acquaintances while showing you key sites that impacted his life and art. Visit Els Quatre Gats restaurant which served as a meeting point for intellectuals during Picasso’s time; Collegi d’Arquitectes with its friezes that provided his only open air piece; Llotja de Mar, his art school where he studied; as well as more.

At the Picasso Museum, you’ll also have access to one of the world’s largest collections of works by this Spanish painter from his early years. Here you will be able to witness his transition from classically trained artist to pioneer of Cubism; some iconic works like Science and Charity, Harlequin and Portrait of Jaume Sabartes can be seen.

Be amazed by how this genius interpreted the world around him, from everyday objects he used as canvases to exploring history and mythology through paintings. You’ll also see pieces from Picasso’s Blue Period as well as Las Meninas (painted when Serge Diaghilev brought Ballet Russes to Barcelona). A visit to this museum should be part of any trip to Barcelona; purchase tickets in advance online if possible to bypass lines or join one of many guided tours that include entry as part of their pricing structure.