Best Barcelona Dining in Barcelona


Famous for lunch, this laid-back spot located right near the beach offers a selection of tapas, half portions, and montaditos. Have the Best information about mejores restaurantes en barcelona.

Chef Jaume Marambio’s years of experience at some of Barcelona’s premier restaurants shine through in stunning dishes such as seared eel with teriyaki nigiri and red prawn risotto.

Bar Canete

Biercab stands out as the premier craft beer bar in Barcelona for its extensive selection of draft and bottle beer (the list alone can be intimidating), combined with its full kitchen and extensive food offerings. Although their menu doesn’t cover every possible dish imaginable (unlike other craft beer bars), you’ll still find sandwiches, burgers, lighter plates, and some rare main courses like extra spicy potatoes or wagyu steak with house-made hop-spiked chimichurri!

This long-established restaurant features two areas with distinct atmospheres and styles. The Mantel area resembles a classic dining room, boasting luxurious French charm. Meanwhile, Barra offers the atmosphere of an old Spanish tapas bar.

Cinc Sentits’ (Five Senses) food is inventive and seasonal. Chef Jordi Artal and his team at this two-Michelin-star establishment offer modern interpretations of Catalan cuisine on its tasting menu – delicate compositions incorporating molecular techniques (such as spherification or powdering), but all dishes still retain heartiness or bold flavors.


Betlem, located along Mallorca’s Mediterranean Sea coastline, is one of Mallorca’s most stunning towns. Tourists visit it often, and it offers various attractions that make for an exciting trip – narrow streets, scenic beauty, beach culture, and old houses that have been beautifully preserved through time are among these.

Betlem hermitage is a favorite pilgrimage and tourist destination located within the Llevant mountain range in the northeast corner of Mallorca Island. Accessible by car or foot, visitors are recommended to take the latter option, which will take them through the beautiful natural landscapes of Mallorca Island on their journey to this hermitage.

Hermitage at Pego features a captivating miniature nativity scene featuring hand-restored central figures from Franciscan nuns’ set, combined with new figures crafted from recycled materials and cold porcelain. Incorporating natural geographic landmarks from Pego into the scene further adds authenticity and makes the scene appealing to visitors. Furthermore, the restaurant serves a range of sandwiches, tapas, and small dishes, along with an exciting wine list that highlights local wines.


At most restaurants, dining at a Michelin-starred establishment can be considered an extravagant expense. But in Barcelona – the birthplace of olive spheres! – dining on multicourse tasting menus has become part of everyday life, like jamon and vermouth.

Romain Fornell’s two Michelin-star Caelis restaurant is an oasis of fine cuisine. It serves delicious fare such as cured egg yolk tart with caviar and lobster macaroni—among many other delicious items—in one of London’s most elegant hotel restaurants. Additionally, multiple tasting menus are offered, and there is even a chef’s table to provide guests with an up-close experience of all the action!

Lasarte is another two-Michelin star basque cuisine restaurant run by Martin Berasategui, offering haute cuisine with surprising artistic flourishes in a modern, state-of-the-art space. A chef’s table on a horseshoe-shaped bar allows diners to watch his kitchen at work; an additional 12 diners may sit around him at one time! Although closed during winter, the restaurant will reopen with a new menu and focus on seafood in March. There is an impressive wine selection here that rivals top cellars worldwide! Additionally, gluten-free options, as well as vegetarian/vegan options, should also be considered when booking! Reservations are recommended!


Biercab, located tucked away behind an unassuming wooden bar table, boasts big, angled wood bar tables and offers an eclectic menu with 30 rotating taps. In addition to traditional beer hall fare such as grilled sea bass collar with preserved lemon and runny potato omelet, chef-driven small plates by professional chefs may also be offered. There’s also an extensive list of local wines.

One of Barcelona’s premier seafood restaurants can be found along the scenic La Barceloneta coastline. Please make a reservation in their dining room to enjoy modern and classic Catalan dishes served alongside bottles of cava and cold beer. Try their iconic bomba de la Barceloneta croquette filled with succulent ground beef served with an irresistibly flavorful aioli dip, or order other delectable offerings such as calamars a la plancha (grilled squid) and cap I pota (an old-school Catalan stew made up of tripe, veal trotters, and head).

Flax and Kale’s Barcelona location of their popular Los Angeles restaurant Flax and Kale is an irresistibly delicious lunch and brunch hot spot, drawing crowds for delightful food paired with bottomless filter coffee from specialist roaster Three Marks. Expect lines on weekends, though the wait will surely be worth your while when trying their Nashville-style chicken sandwich, flaky buttermilk pancakes, or bao stuffed with jackfruit pulled pork bao.

La Dama

Fashion District space boasts an elegant bar, open kitchen, and dining area filled with antiques. Its atmosphere transports guests back in time when Hemingway was sipping daiquiris in Havana during 1940s-era Havana.

The menu plays to its pan-Latin roots without becoming forced or contrived, featuring amazing dishes such as the delicious Linguica sausage that “enthralls with its crispiness and heavy fragrance of garlic and pepper.” Plus, bracingly fresh seafood dishes like branzino (fish from Spain), batidos de banana, and beef empanadas make an impressionful statement about what is on offer here.

As part of their large plates, Clams with Chorizo provide the ideal amount of spice. Pork Shank, too, features a delicious tangy sauce. Empanadas feature dry-aged ground beef stuffed with green onion, smoked paprika, and Brazilian hot vinegar; they are easy to share. Don’t miss the corn topped with cilantro, Mexican crema, and Cotija cheese, which makes an exquisite dish; desserts also showcase locally produced ingredients!