Capital One Plano Job Opportunities


Living near Capital One Plano can be an excellent way to reduce commuting costs while utilizing local amenities. Plus, proximity provides access to an abundance of job opportunities.

Every associate is encouraged to challenge the status quo, bring their unique perspective, and undertake projects that help advance the company. Their achievements are celebrated in the Wow Space, where license plates bearing project names stand outside its door.


Capital One Financial Corporation provides commercial banking services. The Company specializes in credit cards, investment products, loans, and online banking for Virginia customers. Established in 1983 and based in Fairfax, Virginia.

Living near Capital One Plano’s campus could make life more straightforward and convenient if you seek employment at an industry-leading technology or data-driven marketing company. Not only can you take advantage of all their amenities (e.g., gym and cafeteria), but commuting costs may be reduced significantly when living nearby.

Living near Capital One provides access to a community of like-minded individuals who share your interests and values, which can make finding friendships easier while making commutes less daunting – all while decreasing stress from long drives!

Capital One employees enjoy working in various environments. One such environment is The Garage – a workspace designed to reflect the home and car loan businesses that Capital One Plano handles, including home mortgage loans. It features a cherry red Chevrolet for home and car loans, picket fencing, house facade, and heavy-duty tools. The Garage is just one innovative workspace on Capital One Plano campus; recently, they completed an impressive 205,000-square-foot expansion featuring a style cafeteria, collaborative spaces, a game room, and an expanding campus designed by GFF Architects from Dallas-based GFF Architects who designed and constructed by DPR Construction from Dallas-based Dallas-based GFF Architects of Dallas/Plano/DPR Construction from Dallas/Plano.


Plano location employees enjoy many great perks from the company, including two weeks of paid vacation per year to give themselves time off and relax. This allows them to recharge and refresh while getting some much-needed restful restful rest time away from their daily grind.

The company also offers various benefits that employees can choose from, such as health insurance, life insurance and 401k plans. Employees can select to contribute between 1- 15% of their base salary into these plans – and in return, the company will match a portion of these contributions! This provides an incentive for saving for retirement.

Employees at the Plano office of their company can enjoy many perks, such as a full-service cafeteria and gym. Employees also participate in activities such as yoga, dance, and running – with the company offering wellness programs to offer healthy eating tips as well.

Additionally, the company provides veterans with several special perks. These include a dedicated hiring process, paid PTO for VA healthcare appointments, and other benefits. Furthermore, there is a strong emphasis on diversity and inclusion.

Capital One’s new building will house over 5,900 associates. Designed by Dallas-based GFF Architects, this four-story structure will include six training rooms, a full-service cafeteria, and a game room; also featured will be a parking garage for over 550 cars – an essential addition to the Capital One campus.

Work Environment

Capital One offers an engaging and rewarding work environment for its employees, which prioritizes teamwork. They encourage staff to challenge status quo views while contributing their own. Capital One employees enjoy numerous benefits, including competitive salaries, performance-based incentives, and medical and financial support for themselves and their family members. They even support flexible working arrangements through childcare facilities or flexible working arrangements – the company prides itself on being family-friendly!

Recently, DPR Construction expanded its Plano campus by adding a 205,000-square-foot building at the southwest corner of Rasor Boulevard and Preston Road. The 205,000-square-foot structure features multiple workspaces for heads-down focused work to collaborative environments and game rooms – designed by GFF of Dallas for this construction.

Capital One Plano campus boasts offices as well as a forward-leaning building containing a full-service cafeteria, six training rooms, and more than 550 additional parking spaces – but now, thanks to this forward-leaning addition of their campus in Plano, they are better prepared than ever to adapt with changing workplace trends.

Capital One prides itself on being a family-first company, constantly looking for ways to improve the workplace environment for its employees. This includes offering flexible working options such as remote working and on-site collaboration. In addition, Capital One provides an extensive employee wellness program and encourages its staff to take time off for personal reasons.

While the company has seen its call volume decline, it will continue to provide existing home mortgage and equity loan services while discontinuing new loan offerings. Furthermore, they plan to close their call center in Plano and relocate employees elsewhere, enabling them to focus on core business operations while improving customer experiences.

People looking to apply for employment with Capital One can visit their website to get information on benefits and career opportunities available through them. Note that Capital One is an equal opportunity employer that does not discriminate on any basis, including gender, race, age, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, physical and mental disability, genetic information, marital status, or military status.


Our commitment to community involvement extends far beyond its Plano headquarters. Employees at all levels of the company have many volunteer opportunities that help the company meet its goals while making an impactful statement about its values in the local community. Examples include working with schools to teach financial literacy lessons to their students and donating books directly.

Capital One strives to offer its employees an exceptional employee experience through its new campus design, which fosters creativity and collaboration. This space includes spaces dedicated to heads-down work, informal discussion areas, and formal meeting areas; fitness facilities and cafeteria services are also conveniently nearby for employee use.

As well as creating a positive work culture, the company strives to be environmentally and socially sustainable. Their Investing for Good platform consists of four areas of focus – affordable housing, education, small business workforce development, and financial literacy – where employees have donated over 192,000 volunteer hours as part of these initiatives.

Another demonstration of Capital One’s commitment to community involvement can be seen with The Heart of America Foundation’s READesign(r) College Access Room initiative, providing financial aid resources and academic support for low-income students nationwide. Capital One associates in Plano donated over 20,000 books through this program in 2014.

The success of any company depends heavily on its employees. Recruitment and retention of talented people is a cornerstone strategy, so companies must provide competitive benefits packages and collaborative working environments to attract the top candidates. Furthermore, employers should ensure new hires feel welcomed into their new environment.

Before beginning their job in a new city, new graduates should register for a free New City Orientation Call to help them become familiar with their surroundings and meet other professionals within your industry. These conversations offer invaluable information on local life. Plus, they can answer any questions that arise. It is an ideal way to acclimate to your surroundings and network.