How Much Have I Spent on Valorant?


If you find yourself playing Valorant excessively and spending compulsively, you or a loved one must keep track of how much has been spent on in-game content. Riot Games provides an online purchase history feature, which allows this.

Spending in Valorant can quickly add up, from weapon skins to premium Act battle passes. We’ll show you how to review your purchase history and receive refunds for unopened orders.

How to check your purchase history in Valorant

Valorant offers numerous ways for players to keep track of their in-game spending, with purchase histories providing a detailed breakdown of purchases made with Valor Points (VP) and items. Keep in mind, however, that spending on Valorant can quickly spiral out of control if someone spends long periods playing each day!

To review your purchase history in Valorant, head to the official Riot Games support page and log in with your account. Once logged in, all VP purchases will be listed along with dates, times, payment methods used, and items purchased, though weapon skins or bundles may be concealed from view.

Valorant’s Purchase History feature can be invaluable to gamers looking to understand their spending habits and adhere to gaming budgets. This can be especially helpful for parents of younger gamers, who may be unaware of how much their children spend on Valorant. Gamers should establish and adhere to a fixed monthly budget for in-game spending – this can help protect them against monetization tactics employed in many free-to-play titles. Furthermore, it would be wise to set a weekly reminder in their calendar so they check Valorant purchase history so that they don’t go beyond their fixed budget!

Notably, any unused in-game VP and items may be eligible for a refund up to 14 days after completing a transaction; however, certain things, such as weapons skins/bundles/premium Act battle passes, may not be refundable. For more information about Riot Games’ refund policy, visit their website.

If you or a loved one is struggling with compulsive in-game spending, consulting an experienced therapist is recommended. Programs like Game Quitters also provide 12-week coaching programs to help gamers overcome addiction and develop healthy spending habits. If this describes your situation, please reach out – Game Quitters offers safe, confidential environments where help can be received. At the same time, our programs focus on breaking the cycle of addiction and helping reclaim lives! For more information, please visit our website today – Thank you.

How much money have you spent on Valorant?

Tracking how much of your disposable income you spend on Valorant or simply monitoring how your purchases have added up over time is critical for staying financially fit, and Riot Games makes this easy with their website: all it requires are your account details to gain a comprehensive view of all purchases made, including total Valorant purchase costs.

Valorant may be free-to-play, but that doesn’t stop its microtransactions from appearing. Players can purchase weapon skins, melee skins, premium battle passes, and other cosmetic items with an in-game currency known as VP. While each purchase might seem minor at first, over time, its costs add up rapidly and become costly investments.

Players often utilize Valor Points (VP) not only to purchase in-game content but also as an advertising space purchase on Summoners that can substantially increase revenue. Players are eligible for a refund on unused VP within 90 days after any transaction; however, certain items, such as weapon skin bundles, bundles premium battle passes, and Radiantite Points, do not qualify.

VALORANT has attracted an immense following of gamers, leading some to make massive purchases that may put them into financial hardship or debt. But there are ways to help prevent such issues by keeping tabs on in-game spending habits and taking measures against problematic gaming behavior.

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Valorant is an immensely popular free-to-play tactical shooter featuring various weapons and characters. Its vibrant aesthetics and high-resolution graphics appeal to gamers of all ages. At the same time, its growing popularity has led to unique in-game items that cost real money, leading some critics to compare its prices with Valve’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

How to get a refund for purchase in Valorant

Valorant allows players to purchase various things, such as weapon skins, VP, and Radianite Points. If this becomes a serious financial concern for you, Riot Games provides a tool that makes tracking spending on Valorant easy – check their website out if needed for more details!

This tool lets you view all of the VP purchases you’ve made in Valorant, their respective costs, and the payment method used. It provides an invaluable way to track spending habits in Valorant and can help limit unnecessary purchases.

Valorant allows customers to request refunds if they are unhappy with a purchase, though there may be restrictions on what can or cannot be returned. First, ensure the item is new; second, ensure it was not purchased as part of a bundle purchase; finally, ensure it was not an upgraded weapon skin purchased using Radianite Points. Once all requirements have been fulfilled, submit a request for a refund.

Refunding purchases made on Valorant is relatively simple. First, visit the Riot Games website and log into your account before entering your username and password to access Valorant’s page.

On this page, you will find a link called “Get your Purchase History.” Click it and follow the instructions; this will take you directly to Riot Games support website, where you can check all your past Valorant purchases, including amounts spent for VP and other items.

Valorant offers players a free-to-play model that allows them to purchase cosmetic items with real money, although this is not required. These items may prove attractive, and you should monitor your spending to control and avoid overspending. Likewise, parents of children playing Valorant should keep tabs on how much their child has spent using Riot Games website tools to monitor any excessive or accidental spending patterns from within their household and take necessary measures (i.e., getting refunds!). You could even use Riot Games website tools to track these expenses!