Top 5 Best Kanye Songs


This brash hip-hop track showcases Kanye West’s distinct sound and thought-provoking lyrics in a straightforward fashion – clearly, it means a great deal to him, and this can be felt through his delivery of it all.

808s & Heartbreak features this song as the heartbeat. Kanye West displays his ability to compose captivating verses without using Autotune, making this classic from his early career years a timeless hit.

1. Through The Wire

“Through The Wire” is perhaps Kanye West’s ultimate masterpiece; more than mere music, this track tells an uplifting tale of courage and determination as Kanye recovers from an near-fatal car accident that would have crippled most individuals. Through its lyrics, this song encourages its listeners to never give up their dreams no matter the obstacles.

It’s an epic song with an equally thunderous beat, designed to keep listeners hooked throughout. Full of emotion, Kanye shows no fear in what he says or how he delivers it, as well as infuses different genres of music into it, from R&B to traditional hip hop – showcasing his range of talents while showing how well he adapts to different types of music.

This song marks an interesting change of pace on this list; its upbeat, energetic performance provides a welcome break from what had previously been quite melancholic tracks. Instead, this tune delivers a truly thrilling listening experience!

This song showcases some of the top rappers in the business, including Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, and Bon Iver. All four artists deliver incredible bars and lyrics that will stay with you long after hearing them; their great power proves just how influential an excellent songwriter can be at unleashing talent from some of the most gifted rappers alive today.

2. I Love It

Kanye West is an accomplished rapper with an extraordinary discography and production behind every track, so choosing one favorite from such an extensive catalog of incredible songs can be difficult. One way that stands out is Through the Wire; its powerful lyrics pack an emotional punch from start to finish and feel powerful throughout their listener’s journey – it captures trauma in lyrics beautifully and may just be his most influential track ever!

There’s an air of darkness about this track, something you can feel immediately upon listening. Kanye put a lot of thought and emotion into this track and its powerful beat fits it perfectly; his aggressive vocals meet the intensity of drums for an unforgettable track that allows him to vent all his feelings freely.

Production on this track is truly remarkable, with its breathtaking beat grabbing you immediately upon starting the song and building throughout. One of his most beloved tracks, it is easy to see why this one remains such a fan favorite; its blend of hip-hop and electronica provides hours of listening pleasure without growing tiresome over time.

Mercy is Kanye West’s masterpiece and an outstanding addition to our list. The production on Mercy is flawless and it boasts its own distinct sound that sets it apart from other hip hop tracks. Mercy’s production is haunting and mesmerizing – making this the ideal way to end our countdown of best Kanye songs!

3. Mercy

Mercy by Kanye West is one of his most impactful tracks to date, featuring heavy yet deep tones with an incredible beat that keeps listeners engrossed from start to finish. Emotionally charged yet captivating at once, Mercy showcases Kanye’s ability as a rapper with bar after bar delivered with such precision that you cannot help but be impressed.

This track’s lyrics are also very reflective, touching upon topics like materialism and self-doubt – reflective issues Kanye faced personally at that time. This track became immensely popular back then and remains a timeless classic today.

With features from Jay-Z, Rick Ross, and Nicki Minaj, among many others – including Kanye West himself – this track from Kanye West is truly unforgettable. The production is immersive and captivating while each artist brings something different to this incredible song over six minutes of listening pleasure. This will certainly leave an indelible mark on anyone who listens.

Kanye West wrote and performed this inspiring song dedicated to his late mother. Its powerful lyrics show how caring and compassionate Kanye was throughout their relationship; additionally, its lovely piano solo adds another emotional layer. Listeners of any age will find this track truly moving and unforgettable.

4. Monster

This song by Kanye West is one of his most profound, heartbreaking tracks, and it’s easy to see why. Even with its dark lyrics, this track serves as a catharsis for him – evidenced by his strong bars. Additionally, this track’s unique beat adds another layer of intensity that stands out among his other work; make this track one you listen out for and add this tune to your Kanye playlist today. This should not be missed!

Monster may not have the same upbeat feel as Through The Wire, but it remains an impactful track that should be on every Kanye fan’s playlist. It shows another side to Kanye, with him discussing dark topics such as fame and his personal experiences – making Monster an indispensable Kanye classic song!

One of the stand-out tracks from Kanye West’s groundbreaking album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, this track will surely become one of Kanye’s classic tracks for years. Showcasing various genres with its beat creates a charming and immersive atmosphere. Bon Iver and 070 Shake contribute their captivating vocals, adding their voices to this epic production.

5. Love Lockdown

Kanye West may have outdone himself in love songs: Love Lockdown features an irresistibly captivating melody and beefy beat, making it one of the standout tracks from 808s & Heartbreak album and his timeless body of work. Heavy synth sounds give Love Lockdown an electro-pop feel with elements from R&B and traditional hip-hop; leaving an emotionally engaging experience behind when the track finishes playing out.

Kanye sings about the difficulty of maintaining relationships, imploring his partner to “keep it locked down” to preserve their love. It is a vibrant yet encouraging song perfect for anyone struggling with their romantic lives.

This track pays a touching and passionate tribute to Kanye West’s late mother and displays his raw emotions. He talks about partying hard and making mistakes while at the same time remembering how much his mom understood him. It’s truly one of his most loved songs!

Kanye West’s debut single featuring Jay-Z, Rick Ross, and Nicki Minaj is a powerful example of his creative lyricism and strong message, making this track one of his best. Listeners who appreciate Kanye should check this one out! It is a must-listen for any Kanye fan!