How to Find Ice Cream Trucks Near Me in New York


Ice cream truck sounds are an iconic reminder of summer days and sweet treats. If you are interested in starting an ice cream business, there are several important aspects you should take into account before purchasing a vehicle and supplies.

A point-of-sale (POS) system is crucial for processing orders and monitoring inventory. You’ll also require a freezer that maintains cold temperatures with enough storage capacity for your product.

Legal Issues

Ice cream truck jingles have long been an iconic summer sound, but some are dissatisfied with how these trucks operate. According to critics, ice cream vendors create dangerous situations for pedestrians, bikers, and drivers and pollute the environment with diesel exhaust emissions. However, some vendors are trying to change their operations by employing technologies that reduce pollution while making their trucks quieter.

Electric vehicles will replace diesel generators on ice cream trucks, helping reduce particulate matter that exacerbates heart and lung conditions and noise that causes stress or hearing loss. While making this change won’t be easy for all in the ice cream industry, some have shown support.

Some even push the city to require all food trucks to go electric to reduce pollution levels. While vendors must use a food permit and comply with health and safety requirements, it remains unknown whether food trucks would also have to follow this regulation, although it would make sense.

Ice cream trucks must follow many of the same regulations for restaurants and retail stores, including an obligation for all employees to pass background checks. Furthermore, the owner must register the vehicle with their local city government in a prominent place before regularly inspecting it to ensure compliance with safety standards.

Even with rules in place, some owners of ice cream trucks have taken extraordinary measures to evade fines and penalties. According to a city press release, one small group of operators incurred $22,000 in penalties between 2009 and 2017 for violations ranging from blocking crosswalks to parking in front of fire hydrants; they avoided these fines by creating multiple shell companies and registering their trucks at DMV under these new names.

The city has increased enforcement, and drivers who violate public safety laws continue to receive tickets for breaking them. Furthermore, lawsuits against ice cream truck operators with outstanding judgments or fines exceeding $10,000 will be pursued.


You will require the appropriate insurance policies and coverages to run an ice cream business successfully. These may include comprehensive and collision damage protection, property, general liability, workers’ compensation policies, and flood and environmental coverages. Furthermore, you must decide whether to buy or lease your truck.

Not only must you pay the costs associated with purchasing or leasing an ice cream truck, but you will also incur operating expenses and taxes – these may differ depending on whether or not your operation operates out of a mobile ice cream truck, for instance, and sales/use taxes tend to be higher than property tax bills.

Shopping around for affordable ice cream truck insurance is vital to finding a suitable policy at competitive rates. Compare quotes from several providers before choosing one that has the most advantageous rates – something you can easily do online without speaking with anyone directly. One such provider is Progressive Commercial; customers and insurers have recognized it as among the best providers available in their field.

Van Leeuwen on Wheels offers another excellent option in New York ice cream trucks: premium ingredients combined with an extensive menu that ranges from peanut butter cups to Earl Grey Tea flavors. Perfect for significant events and catering services across the state.

A small ice cream truck is a commercial vehicle designed to act as a food cart and a mobile retail outlet selling pre-packaged ice cream. They’re often found parked near schools, parks, and beaches where people congregate – often featuring large windows to display menu and price information.

New York ice cream trucks provide more than traditional soft serve and hard ice cream; they also specialize in frozen yogurt, shaved ice, milkshakes, catering services for special events and corporate functions, or catering to any location in New York State and even offering drinks, appetizers, or treats!


If you’re starting an ice cream truck business, one of your first decisions should be which truck to purchase and what equipment is necessary. Aside from basic freezer unit needs, such as a handwashing sink (if health department regulations dictate) and a point-of-sale system for taking payments, additional supplies like a generator may also be helpful when operating an ice cream truck business.

Attracting customers is critical when opening an ice cream truck business, so choosing an area with high traffic, such as parks, schools, events, or companies, is paramount. Set a consistent schedule so your customers know when your truck will arrive – this helps promote word-of-mouth and will guarantee you have a steady customer flow!

Other key considerations when starting an ice cream truck business include what type of food you intend to sell and whether or not to operate seasonal or year-round. Seasonal trucks usually have lower profit potential but provide greater flexibility – giving you time with family during summer vacation. Year-round operations require more planning and capital investment but offer more excellent stability.

When planning an ice cream truck business, one final consideration is how you will advertise it. While some owners turn to social media or GPS locator apps to inform customers when their truck is nearby, others invest in custom graphics and catchy tunes to bring customers through their doors.

Ice cream trucks are an integral part of life for many. A visit to one can bring back fond memories from childhood and remind people why these treats remain popular today. While the business may not offer significant incomes, operating one could provide pleasant working conditions with nice weather and friendly people to share your ice cream truck experiences with.


Ice cream truck owners who want to attract customers must employ effective marketing strategies. These may include advertising, social media promotion, and other promotional activities; although these methods can be expensive, they can help raise awareness and sales. Operators’ costs must be carefully tracked to maintain profitable operations.

An appealing truck with eye-catching graphics and an engaging slogan can significantly increase customer satisfaction. A distinctive logo and menu will distinguish your brand, while specials and rewards programs may attract repeat business. In addition, consider providing online ordering systems, as this will further facilitate ease for your customers.

The ice cream truck industry offers entrepreneurs many opportunities. However, newcomers must understand all legal and insurance requirements prior to starting up a business in this sector. A commercial auto policy with liability, physical damage, and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage should be obtained before opening an ice cream truck business. A food service permit may also be needed in public places. Lastly, contact your local government for any other regulations that might pertain.

To maximize profits, owners of ice cream truck businesses must understand their operating expenses. These costs may include vehicle and equipment expenses, insurance premiums, labor costs, and investing in a commercial kitchen to meet health and safety regulations and comply with local zoning laws and other regulatory requirements.

Ice cream truck businesses must also factor in the costs associated with ingredients and supplies. Furthermore, prices vary based on quality; hence, competitive pricing must be set accordingly. Moreover, it is highly advised to conduct market research to identify their target audience and find an ideal location.

Ice cream truck industries in cities such as Los Angeles, Portland, New York City, and Austin are experiencing remarkable success across America due to their increasing popularity with young people – providing investors with an incredible investment opportunity!