Manheim Lot Vision App Makes It Easier and Safer For Dealers and Transporters


ATLANTA and LAS VEGAS (at NADA Show) – February 10, 2020 – Dealers and transporters using Manheim’s enhanced Lot Vision technology powered by Cox2M can stop searching on foot for vehicles, making business simpler and safer. This free-to-use app locates them pre-purchase or post-purchase via VIN or work order number within 10 feet, making the experience much more straightforward and unassailable.


Find vehicles quickly, safely, and seamlessly so you can focus on buying, selling, and transporting cars. Download the Manheim app and search up to 300 vehicles at once by VIN or work order number.

Manheim’s app empowers users to make faster and smarter personalized decisions directly from their phones in the world’s largest wholesale automotive marketplace. For download free on the Apple App Store or Google Play, users can access all Manheim auction locations and inventory through live, auctioneer-led sales (Simulcast or timed 24/7 sales) and it’s powerful VIN scanner that helps quickly locate vehicles within seconds.

Manheim created Lot Vision as part of a response to feedback from dealer clients interested in using vehicle tracking technology to save time and enhance the customer experience. Equipped with a GPS-based wireless device that plugs directly into a car’s onboard diagnostic port, Lot Vision helps dealers and transporters locate their vehicles within 10 feet at Manheim auction locations – it even recognizes when one has been moved or switched lots!

Apps offer additional benefits beyond simply locating vehicles at auction lots; users can view diagnostic data of each car from either their smartphone or computer. The system can recognize over 7,000 diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) locally and remotely, increasing transparency and helping buyers make more informed purchases. It also enables quick resolution of issues to reduce costly repairs after sale.

This app is simple to use and gives all the information you need about any vehicle, with support for iPhone and iPad and an attractive, modern design. Users can search up to 300 cars by VIN or work order number for maximum time and energy savings – perfect with Chrome web browser and Location Services enabled!

Easy to use

Manheim lot vision is a GPS-based wireless device designed to assist dealers, transporters, and team members in quickly locating vehicles on auction lots within 10 feet. The system also provides generic diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) and vehicle details. Ultimately, its goal is to reduce time spent searching for cars on lots, saving resources while freeing buyers up for other aspects of their buying experience.

Manheim has implemented this technology at over 20 of their locations. It works by installing a small tracking device into cars that send signals connecting with an app running on smartphones or tablets and displaying their site on maps. The technology represents a significant advancement over traditional methods for buyers and sellers to locate vehicles at auction lots, searching faster while providing more accurate information.

This app is easy to use and provides numerous features designed to save users time, money, and energy daily. By storing data in a cloud-based server system, which is more secure and reliable than traditional methods, the results of their searches can easily be shared among team members or customers.

The new app shortens search times and provides more comprehensive vehicle details – like maintenance recommendations from manufacturers or viewing the history of specific vehicles.

An intuitive mobile experience makes finding your next vehicle easy! It offers similar functionality as our website and is available across most devices worldwide. Our app provides multiple language support, several navigation options, and an advanced VIN scanner, allowing searches across all Manheim locations worldwide – an easy, hassle-free way to find what you need!

The app also allows you to participate in live, auctioneer-led sales via Simulcast or browse the inventory in our timed 24/7 sales and make an offer on vehicles of interest. Furthermore, its search function allows users to locate vehicles by name, number, or description.

Quickly find your vehicle.

Lot Vision is a GPS-enabled wireless device installed into vehicles’ onboard diagnostic ports that provides accurate location reports in Manheim lots to within 10 feet – cutting search times from hours to minutes and powered by Cox2M, the commercial IoT business line within Cox Communications.

This device is easy to set up, requiring no tools and minimal technician time for setup. After being attached, the device pairs quickly and effortlessly with any vehicle’s diagnostic port within 60 seconds for instant pairing – giving customers instantaneous benefits from technology! Rapid deployment means customers are quickly onboarded to benefit immediately from it.

With this app, dealers and transporters can locate vehicles quickly in real time to save time and money while improving customer experience. In addition, this system provides an efficient means of tracking vehicle details while streamlining remarketing/selling processes.

MyManheim App for iPhone and Android is free to download and available to dealerships, used car buyers, car enthusiasts, and more. Designed to help users make faster and smarter personalized decisions in the world’s largest wholesale automotive marketplace directly from their mobile devices. It features an interactive dashboard that displays essential data at a glance and a powerful vehicle search engine powered by auction data; users can access it at

Manheim Auction Lanes now has more capacity for vehicle tracking with its innovative Lot Vision app, which combines GPS tracking, digital runlists, and other key features into one seamless client experience for dealer clients and transporters.

Lot Vision is now available nationwide at select Manheim dealerships, giving buyers easy access by searching a vehicle’s VIN or work order number from either desktop or mobile browser (no application download or plug-in required) at from either their desktop computer or mobile browser (without an application download or plug-in requirement). Buyers can also receive generic DTCs to aid them when making pre-purchase repair and buying decisions. Manheim strives to create an enhanced client experience through this app as part of their commitment to building more connected client experiences overall.

Share with your team.

MANHEIM LOT VISION is a FREE app optimized to perform across devices and designed with an easy user experience in mind – creating a win-win scenario for both dealership clients and transporters alike!

Dealer clients and transporters can save time and money with the new Manheim Lot Vision tracking system to locate vehicles at auctions. This free device plugs directly into a vehicle’s onboard diagnostic port and reports its exact location within 10 feet at any Manheim operating location. Cox2M (Communications’s commercial IoT business line) helped develop this GPS tracking hardware solution.

Lot Vision was introduced last year as a GPS-based wireless device that fits directly into vehicle diagnostic ports and reports their locations within 10 feet of Manheim locations. Recently, Lot Vision technology was further improved to accommodate tracking by VIN and work order number.

This tracking system is available to dealers and transporters who purchase vehicles at auction and all buyers of cars from the marketplace. It works on all mobile devices and can be accessed by visiting and selecting an auction. Buyers can track up to 300 vehicles simultaneously while searching using their VIN or work order number.

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