Mariner Finance App Review


Mariner Finance is a personal consumer lender offering competitive rates and terms. Borrowers can prequalify online without impacting their credit score and preview loan offers before submitting formal applications. Mariner also offers secured loans using vehicles as collateral.

Apply online, by phone, or visit any branch location to apply. Afterward, a check will arrive for you to sign and cash.

Downloading the app

The Mariner Finance app provides an easy and secure way to manage your loan account. With it, you can monitor account activity, make payments, and even set up automatic payments. In addition to these features, there’s also an account summary, branch locator,, and documents access available through this free download from their respective app stores.

Mariner Finance specializes in personal loans tailored to people with poor credit. Their online, phone, and branch-based loan offerings all feature short loan terms without prepayment penalties – providing quick money solutions for borrowers with bad credit who require money quickly.

Mariner Finance personal loans require that applicants are 18 years old, US citizens or permanent residents, have a government-issued photo ID and source of income, live in one of Mariner Finance’s operating states, and provide valid email and mobile phone numbers; they also require acceptance to receive notifications regarding your account and payments.

Mariner Finance stands out from other lenders by not requiring a minimum credit score to qualify for loans, though a soft credit inquiry will still take place to prequalify applicants. Borrowers can view loan offers before applying and choose whether to secure them with their vehicle as collateral. These secured loans typically offer lower APRs compared with their unsecured counterparts. Hence, this decision needs to be carefully evaluated against any costs or benefits of putting up collateral, such as your car, for collateralized loans.

Mariner Finance offers an easy application process and outstanding customer service, boasting an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. Customers have given it an average score of 3.6/5 on WalletHub; however, hundreds of complaints were filed with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau due to misdisclosure of fees on its website. Therefore, if your credit history is poor, it might be best if you find another lender instead.

Setting up auto-pay

Mariner Finance is an unsecured personal loan lender offering up to $25,000 in loans. They provide multiple financing solutions, including credit cards, personal and auto loans, and payment plans to help you manage your finances more efficiently. Mariner Finance is an ideal alternative to payday loans, which typically have higher interest rates.

Mariner provides a prequalification process online or over the phone that does not negatively impact your credit score. Our approach asks for basic personal and income details to ascertain if you qualify for a loan, and once prequalified, you’ll be provided with personalized offers explicitly tailored to meet your needs.

Mariner Finance loans require two pieces of documentation – government-issued photo identification and proof of income such as pay stubs, bank records, W-2 or 1099 forms, or individual tax returns as proof of your earnings (You can also use your Social Security award letter). Mariner Finance accepts these documents as evidence of income; however, if you want a loan, you must submit a complete loan application, which may result in a hard credit inquiry that temporarily reduces your score.

If you’re considering applying for a Mariner Finance personal loan, you must shop around and compare rates and fees before making a final decision. Other vital considerations should include their ability to verify income and terms and conditions. Furthermore, applying with co-borrower(s)/co-signers can significantly increase your approval chances.

The Mariner Finance App is available on iOS and Android for free download but requires a Mariner Finance account. If you are having issues using it, contact customer service immediately for help in solving your problem.

Mariner Finance boasts an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, but that doesn’t guarantee a positive experience with them. According to Pennsylvania’s attorney general’s allegations in a recent lawsuit, Mariner violated state consumer protection laws by selling hidden add-on products at increased costs of hundreds or even thousands more than expected.

Making a payment

Mariner Finance’s app allows lender customers to manage their accounts anywhere from any location. Users can track account activity, set up auto-pay so they never miss a payment, make monthly loan payments on existing loans and apply for new ones, view current offers, and locate branches nearby – all within minutes! Downloading and using it is free; however, you must hold an existing Mariner Finance loan to use this feature.

Mariner Finance is a consumer finance company designed to accommodate those with poor credit. Offering personal loans of up to $25,000 with terms up to 60 months and offering both secured and unsecured personal loans that require collateral as collateral, Mariner Finance also allows borrowers to add cosigners who may help qualify them for better rates or amounts; in addition, Mariner reports their timely payments to all three credit bureaus making loan approval more likely.

Start the application process for a Mariner Finance personal loan online by prequalifying. When ready, submit documents such as W-2s, paystubs, and bank statements before Mariner Finance reviews your application and conducts a hard credit pull e-signature process. If approved, a loan agreement will contain details on your new loan amount and interest rate; carefully read over this agreement and sign it electronically before finalizing approval of your loan agreement.

Mariner Finance branches can be found in 24 states across the US. Mariner requires applicants to be at least 18 years old with a government-issued photo ID, proof of income and valid social security numbers, and a checking or savings account in their applying state.

Mariner Finance makes applying for personal loans straightforward if you have excellent or good credit, but poorer applicants might benefit more from seeking loans through other lenders that specialize in bad credit loans. Although Mariner Finance loans carry high-interest rates, you could qualify if you offer collateral such as your house or car as security for the loan.