Premier Learning Center


Premier Learning Center provides a nurturing environment that supports children’s natural desire to explore, discover, and grow. We use the HighScope curriculum, an engaging hands-on approach that engages both participants and is developmentally appropriate.

Neuropsychological evaluations help us identify gifted children who are “twice exceptional.” We teach executive functioning skills, assist with restructuring negative, defeatist thoughts, and promote positive self-esteem.

Our Mission

Premier Charter School was founded on the belief that children learn best when given the freedom to explore, discover, and grow. Our staff and students embody this premise and aim to teach in ways that foster critical thinking skills and cultivate a love of learning.

At this state-of-the-art facility, children enjoy a safe and developmentally appropriate learning environment that fosters their natural desire to explore and discover. This environment supports social, emotional, physical, and cognitive growth enjoyably through children’s play and small and whole group instruction in classroom settings.

At our academically rigorous Pre-K to Grade 5 curriculum, your child’s individual needs and educational style are considered to create an individualized educational experience focused on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics).

Our teachers partner with parents in our educational setting to recognize successes and overcome challenges. Our teachers know the difference between what a child needs to feel safe and what is required to reach their full potential, digging deep to unlock resources that boost self-esteem while aiding them through challenging times. With this strength-based approach to student growth at its core, students thrive – this core principle drives our philosophy and forms the basis of student success at our facility.

Our Philosophy

Premier Learning Center implements the HighScope Curriculum, an approach to education that promotes active participation from children. Classroom environments feature engaging materials and experiences designed to draw children in. Teachers work side-by-side with children in providing thoughtful interactions. Teachers encourage learning by offering verbal and nonverbal communication, encouraging exploration, supporting self-direction, celebrating successes while helping navigate challenges, and nurturing families daily about their children’s progress!

Our Curriculum

Premier Early Learning Center is dedicated to creating a safe, developmentally appropriate learning environment that promotes children’s natural desire to explore, discover, and expand. Our philosophy reflects research-based understanding that play is essential to health and well-being and foundational for learning. Premier provides an atmosphere that fosters creativity while supporting physical, social, emotional, cognitive, and linguistic growth through children’s play and small group instruction within classroom environments.

Our preschool and pre-K classes utilize Scholastic Big Day for Pre-K, a comprehensive early childhood education program with specific goals in the cognitive, language/communication, gross motor development, and social-emotional areas of child development. In addition, STEAM activities are integrated into our curriculum.

A Premier teacher is both a nurturer and educator who understands the balance between what children need to feel safe and what is required of them to reach their full potential. Teachers work closely with families, celebrating successes, managing challenges, and communicating daily on your child’s progress and achievements.

My son loves his teachers and school. Everyone knows his name, treating him with respect. Their dedication is incredible – their building is clean and secure, while extracurricular activities are lovely for children of all ages.

Our Teachers

Premier Learning Center teachers possess an extraordinary talent to engage children. They create an inviting atmosphere where children feel safe and are not in any rush to leave at the end of each day. My son feels entirely at ease in their care. Additionally, they take great pains in getting to know each child individually, encouraging creativity and problem-solving skills while working tirelessly toward their academic, social, and emotional potential.

Our teachers use the HighScope Curriculum, founded on research, to encourage young children’s natural urge to explore, discover, and grow. Children enjoy a rich environment full of stimulating hands-on experiences that foster hands-on learning.

Reaching beneath the surface to better understand your child’s strengths, desires, and interests allows us to assist them in overcoming any challenges they are experiencing and becoming their best self. Premier Learning teachers partner with parents – sharing successes while managing challenges daily.

I have recently begun working at Premier Learning Center and love every second! The kids are fantastic, the team is supportive, and fun activities/snacks are planned! Management/assistant directors always stay on top of things for any new ideas to be considered and implemented; plus, they make sure all kids have a wonderful experience at this fantastic center!