Rhoads Energy Voyager Card – Pacific Pride Near Me in New York


The Rhoads Energy Voyager Card helps fleet fuelers save money by limiting unauthorized usage and providing access to consolidated usage data. In addition, it features advanced security and accountability controls and online account access for added peace of mind.

PrideAdvantage gives you access to cutting-edge fueling controls 24/7/365 via our network of more than 55,000 sites nationwide, offering convenient locations, local service, and industry-leading customer support. Take advantage of PrideAdvantage today and see the difference for yourself.


Pacific Pride Foundation (PPF), situated near Santa Maria Airport, is a comprehensive resource for people living with HIV/AIDS throughout Santa Barbara County and coastal communities from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Their focus areas are Belonging Access and Wellness; PPF offers services not available elsewhere within Santa Barbara County, such as providing care and support to LGBT+ community members and their families and friends while raising public awareness and understanding of HIV/AIDS.

The festival will offer a range of activities, such as food trucks and beer gardens; live entertainment by Calypso Jete Balmain – Mother of the House of Balmain; safe spaces to enjoy for all attendees with designated areas devoted to Arts, Health Outdoors, Spirituality Spirituality Social Justice. All are welcome; entry is free!

Pride Month is a time to recognize diversity and support the LGBTQ+ community. Events taking place nationwide include parades, protests, and community rallies, which aim to honor and build upon the spirit of the Stonewall riots in 1969 and raise awareness and activism in response to oppression – this year promises to be even bigger!

By visiting Pride’s website, you can get involved with the festival in various ways, from volunteering and donating to discovering local events and shows. All ages are welcome at Chase Palm Park Field in Goleta for this celebration of diversity!

Bretthauer Oil and Pacific Pride offer commercial card lock fueling as a cost-cutting measure, giving fleet owners real-time visibility into fuel purchases made for each vehicle, driver, date/time of purchase, and date/time of consumption. This visibility helps deter employee theft and controls costs during volatile market conditions.

Hours of Operation

Pacific Pride fuel stations are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with over 55,000 nationwide locations. Rhoads Energy operates nine fully automated Pacific Pride sites for quick access and cardholder-only fueling, as well as providing various grades such as diesel and regular unleaded.

Pacific Pride’s Cardlock service gives fleet managers and drivers superior control, enabling them to set restrictions based on vehicle or driver type, fuel grade, number of gallons allowed daily/week/month by time of day, and more – helping you reduce fuel theft while controlling costs. Furthermore, this card lock service provides an easily understandable monthly billing statement of the company’s fuel usage in one comprehensive report.

Rhoads Energy and Pacific Pride have joined forces to provide businesses with fleets with several key advantages. Our Rhoads Energy Voyager card combines local service with national coverage, giving you access to purchase history and account info in one central place. Our fleet fueling portal provides access to usage reports and creates and saves pieces online!

Pacific Pride also operates an expansive network of truck stop locations under their brand name, open to the public and offering food, beverages, restroom facilities, propane for sale, and parking spaces for those waiting to fuel up. Pacific Pride provides HIV and Hep C harm reduction education, needle exchange programs, and Naloxone kits used to reverse life-threatening overdoses with instructions on how to use them – in addition to these conveniences, they also provide needle exchange programs!

Payment Options

Pacific Pride Commercial Cardlock gives you greater control of fuel spending whether you manage a single truck, multiple service vans, or an entire fleet. The system provides convenient access to a single source of credit-based fuel around the clock; additionally, it features advanced fueling controls, consolidated billing, and online account access for convenient fuel management.

Cardlock systems offer cost plus fuel purchasing at wholesale price, keeping track of your odometer reading and critical data such as vehicle registration number to prevent unauthorized purchases. Custom reports by card, time frame, or more provide greater security, while Cardlock can be an excellent alternative to retail credit cards for businesses needing added protection.

Rhoads Energy offers the Rhoads Energy Voyager Card as the perfect way to manage fleet fueling. You can use this card at any of our nine Pacific Pride locations across Central Pennsylvania and nationwide; our service also includes local service and support, while you can manage all your data in a single, central place.

With the PrideAdvantage fueling program, you can access a reliable fuel source at over 55,000 locations nationwide that offer credit-based access – convenience stores, truck stops and commercial fueling sites. Advanced fueling controls, an unrivaled diesel network, industry-leading security controls, and online account management are also included in this comprehensive solution.

Mobile applications allow for easier monitoring of vehicle fuel cards, notifying you if any use goes beyond authorized parameters or is unplanned, making it more straightforward to control fuel expenses and manage fleet budgets.

Get a Pacific Pride card by visiting the website of a company near you and filling out an application similar to credit card applications. After this step is completed, the franchise will assist with setting up and ordering it for you.

Customer Reviews

There have been many glowing reviews for this location. The staff is friendly and helpful; fuel prices are consistently affordable; pumps operate smoothly; supplies for cleaning windshields can also be found here, along with snacks and drinks in their small store – making this the ideal place to stop before hitting the road.

No matter whether you are a fleet manager or dispatcher, using the Pacific Pride site locator app is a quick and effective way to locate Pac Pride locations on the go. Use it from your desktop computer or mobile device and save time and effort when on the job or simply searching for one before driving home! Plus, it’s also a great way of finding one on your drive home.

Bretthauer Oil and Pacific Pride Commercial Cardlock provides many advantages to help you save money at the pump. Unlike retail gas station pricing, Cardlock transactions are calculated based on wholesale cost plus savings substantially over a year. You can also keep tabs on vehicle usage with our detailed monthly statements.

PrideAdvantage provides advanced fueling controls at over 55,000 sites nationwide 24/7/365 through advanced diesel network security controls. By using your PrideAdvantage card at Pacific Pride, Love’s, Chevron Flying J, and Texaco stations, you have access to the industry’s most advanced diesel network security controls – these allow for vehicle/driver-specific grade limits, amount of gallons consumed each day/week/time of day, and day of week options as well as many other features which enable you to stay within budget while keeping vehicles safe and efficient while managing expenditures while staying within budget constraints.