YS Park Combs


YS Park Combs are high-quality tools designed by hairdressers specifically for hairdressers. Heat and chemical-resistant, they’re incredibly durable combs.

This all-purpose cutting comb boasts both fine teeth and rough sides for parting and pulling sections, as well as an accurate lasered guide on its spine for exact measurements. Length: 230mm

YS 345

YS Park brings a modern flair to hair-cutting necessities with their range of combs that work beautifully alongside shears. Crafted by professional hairdressers themselves, these tools combine design and engineering for maximum performance in each device they offer.

The YS 345 comb is the go-to tool of veteran stylists, featuring reinforced rigid spine construction and longer teeth with generous spacing on the rough side for quicker pull-throughs. In addition, its trademarked guide measurement on its spine helps educate clients while showing off particular parting lines or checking symmetry/length issues.

Smooth and robust, it is made from durable Ultem (polyetherimide) plastic that can withstand temperatures of 428F. The handle features dimples for nonslip organic gripping while its body has evenly spaced holes, which can be used as measuring rods (five holes = two inches). Length: 230mm. Choose either White or Carbon Black colors.

YS 252

YS 252 is a highly flexible cutting comb similar in shape and style to the popular YS 234, yet more flexible due to containing carbon for extra durability. It flexes to meet any curvature of your client’s scalp while featuring exceptionally flat tips suited for even the closest cuts – length: 167mm.

Krembs is proud to offer one of the largest collections of YS Park barber combs available in the UK, which are an essential tool for all stylists. Perfect for backcombing and precise geometry cutting – not to mention demonstration techniques on stage or in training courses!

Designed by hairdressers for hairdressers, the YS G39 guide comb offers accurate measurement guides on its spine for checking symmetry and fringe lengths while cutting. Although initially created with education in mind, this tool has since become extremely popular with stylists across all fields and is an invaluable resource during consultation meetings with clients. Available in White or Carbon Black as a kit option.

YS 122

The YS 122 gives traditional hair-cutting combs an updated, modern twist. A must-have tool for professional stylists, this lightweight yet flexible and durable comb provides multiple functions to enhance the styling experience.

This comb features a short first tooth for easy and quick separation of hair. Additionally, it’s gradually decreasing pitch design creates even tension across every stroke. Constructed from heat-resistant imido plastic that’s heatproof up to 220degC as well as chemically resistant materials.

This YS Park Comb is ideal for use with YS Park Hair Scissors as its wide, flat end provides the ability to smooth out hair for shaping purposes and achieve desired shapes. Furthermore, its dimpled handle offers comfort with every use, while its ergonomic grip makes for a relaxing organic feel – this comb comes in various colors and sizes for convenient purchase. The YS 122 can also be found online.

YS 213

The YS 213 is a specialist scissor-over-comb tool. Like its evil twin, the YS 205, the YS 213 features all the hallmarks of being an adjustable and dual grip position comb but features a slightly longer stance and larger cutting area for speedier work. Furthermore, more fine teeth than other YS combs provide increased precision, while rougher teeth are generously spaced for faster pull-throughs – Length: 165mm.

The YS 335 Guide Comb is ideal for training or demonstration purposes as its spine features a laser-printed permanent measure for checking symmetry and fringe length as you cut. With superb weight balance and its signature parting head design by YS PARK, it also makes a fantastic tool to magnify movement, being made from more robust material than other YS Park combs (length: 230mm; carbon black finish).

YS 254

YS Park 254 is the ideal comb for close cutting and creating flawless details. Equipped with super tapered barber teeth that are flexible yet heat resistant, it reaches all those problematic spots around ears and nape lines quickly. Furthermore, heat resistance makes this heatproof comb suitable for delicate areas like the nape of the neck or crown of the head.

This comb offers excellent weight balance, featuring the signature parting head design of YS Park with grip holes set at 1cm increments for precision. Available in an array of colors to meet your style needs and made in Japan for superior durability, the YS Park combs provide great value.

No matter if you’re shopping for something specific or looking for the best possible deal, Krembs has you covered for all your YS Park comb needs! With their variety of styles to suit any taste or personal preference, Krembs makes finding what you need easy!

YS 339

Recognized by many hair academies worldwide, the 339 is an outstanding essential fine-cutting comb that features YS PARK’s iconic parting head design with grip holes set at convenient 1cm increments and unrivaled durability.

YS Park Professional Hair Combs were developed by hair stylists specifically for hair stylists. This sleek comb offers an ergonomic design with fashion-forward colors. Plus, unlike traditional combs, it won’t snag or pull textured hair strands like other models might.

YS Park Combs is constructed with high-density “Imido” plastic that is highly resilient, as well as resistant to chemicals from services entering and damaging it. It is designed to be lightweight yet substantial, with a rigid spine and long teeth to work through hair quickly. They come in White or Carbon Black, as well as shorter versions for short or very fine locks.

YS G39

Based on the YS 339 Comb, this unique guide comb features a measurement mark on its spine for quick verification of the precision of cuts. With laser marking technology ensuring the accuracy of measurement marks on its spine, this innovative guide comb allows users to easily check the precision of blemishes quickly. Perfect not only for education purposes but also for symmetry checks, fringe length checks, or simply showing clients exactly how much hair will be taken off at the back!

The teeth on this cutting comb have been carefully designed and shaped to fit stylists’ little fingers perfectly and feature shorter top teeth that can be used to section and part hair easily. An essential cutting comb designed for mid-length locks.

Hairdressers designed YS Park, Professional Hair Tools for hairdressers. Renowned for their excellence, these tools have quickly become the first choice of many professional hair stylists around the world. Explore YS Park Combs and Products Online Today with FREE shipping in Australia; try one and experience firsthand the difference YS Park makes; the finest combs for haircutting are now within your reach at affordable prices.

YS G45

The YS G45 Guide Comb, inspired by the 345 Comb, allows you to assess the precision of your cuts quickly. Its rigid spine makes it perfect for scissor or clipper-over-comb work, while its longer teeth with wide spacing on the rough side are great for long hair work. Furthermore, this extra-long comb features the unique YS Park Parting Tooth for easier sectioning – plus heat and chemical resistance are added benefits! Available in black, red, or white hues.

YS Park Combs are produced in Japan and offer exceptional quality and durability, making them the go-to choice of many professional hairstylists. Available in an assortment of sizes to accommodate all styles, these combs can be found at Salons Direct, where we proudly stock an excellent range of high-quality hairdressing tools, including these YS Park combs – fast free delivery is included with each order, and we cover shipping costs! Plus, we guarantee competitive pricing on these quality items from Japan.