5 Best Taco Tuesdays Near Me in NYC


Enjoy one of their many taco options at this Greenpoint taqueria in a former tortilla factory – we suggest the al pastor with its strips of juicy marinated pork and cubed pineapple!

This Lower East Side bar provides island vibes, delicious island cuisine like octopus tostadas, and refreshing drinks like the Cielo made with Cazadores Blanco tequila, lime, jalapeno peppers, and honey.

1. Tacombi

Dario Wolos, a Cornell grad who once sold tacos out of a converted VW bus in Playa del Carmen, made Tacombi a huge hit when he opened it in Manhattan’s East Village last March. Aaron Sanchez (of Taqueria Mexico City and various other restaurants) designed its menu, but what distinguished the place was its ambiance: strung-up lights, surf movies projected onto an LCD projection screen, all-weather tables on concrete floors, and decor reminiscent of Mexican beach towns.

But three months into his restaurant’s existence, its new space shows some wear and tear. First off, it’s no longer as spacious as his original bus; instead, the restaurant occupies a room smaller than average corner bodegas, meaning no wait service and customers eating at counters scattered throughout the dining area – an arrangement Eater’s Luke Fortney finds cramped when busy times arrive.

And while it’s hard to argue that the kitchen hasn’t become less impressive since then, Wolos’ vision for expansion required him to shift production in-house. So he commissioned a custom-made choice from Mexico City, allowing sinewy meats to simmer in their fat until tender before shipping it directly to his restaurant.

Tacombi’s kitchen looks and feels authentic to Mexican taquerias yet lacks some of the hallmarks of Mexican culture that one might expect of an establishment with this claim. Its food remains delicious, and its commitment to sustainable ingredients is commendable.

Tacombi stands out in the community as an impressive restaurant chain due to the Tacombi Foundation, an initiative started to help provide meals to families facing food insecurity in each of its locations – for instance, in Brooklyn, this means teaming up with the Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd while in the Bronx they collaborate with Good Eats Organization – with both providing tangible help in practical yet compassionate ways for people in need.

2. Blue Light Speak Cheesy

National Food Holidays may often seem irrelevant in New York City, but this one deserves our honor and celebration! Tacos make the perfect meal to mark this special event; NYC offers many delicious taco spots. Whether your preference lies within traditional Mexican or innovative fusion, here are five guaranteed to meet it.

Blue Light Speak Cheesy began as a pop-up grilled cheese shop during the coronavirus pandemic and has since expanded into an eatery offering breakfast sandwiches and double-decker tacos on a flat top grill before toasting before being topped with ingredients such as guacamole, radish, cilantro, and shaved red onion – and they even open on weekends for breakfast service!

One thing better than an awesome burrito is an even greater burrito served in an equally great environment. This quaint Broome Street eatery delivers on this promise with exposed brick walls, wooden shelves stocked with tequila bottles, and tacos galore! Their Taco Tuesday menu may not be vast, but what they have will surely satisfy.

At this Downtown East Village taqueria, there is much to love – from fresh tortillas made before your eyes to solid and refreshing margaritas and authentic cuisines like maitake mushroom or pastrami tacos (if feeling adventurous) or standard options like al pastor or chicken Verde (for something more traditional).

Campeon, an authentic Mexican hacienda in Manhattan’s Murray Hill district, has set the bar high regarding New York City Mexican food. Their tacos may not be lavish, but they certainly hit the mark – particularly their $4 al pastor tacos filled with spicy marinated pork in dry rub with red onions, cilantro, and avocado sauce for just $4 each! Their crispy yucca fries pair nicely, too. Luckily for you, this taco heaven offers three locations across Manhattan and Brooklyn so that whenever your craving strikes. Don’t miss their tantalizing sangria, either!

3. Cantina Rooftop

From subway track birria tacos to Taco Bell breakfast taco offerings that only appear once every week, this sprawling metropolis is packed with irresistible Mexican treats. Find yourself at this stylish spot belonging to chef Alex Stupak’s flourishing taqueria empire and indulge in their Dominican-Mexican fusion cuisines, such as Maitake mushroom tacos with fish tempura, pastrami tacos, or red snapper ceviche while sipping on ice-cold beer or signature cocktails like Cazadores Blanco margarita with tequila, strawberry, lime, and agave nectar – or grab something off this menu from this chic spot within chef Alex Stupak’s sprawling empire for some unforgettable Dominican-Mexican fusion foodie delights of Dominican-Mexican fusion cuisine!

Hell’s Kitchen restaurant’s year-round rooftop space is remarkable, offering panoramic city skyline views from lounge and dining areas. Guests can relax under the sun with expertly crafted drinks while taking in panoramic city skyline views, dancing salsa under the stars, or both! At the bar, there’s an impressive selection of tequilas and specialty cocktails like Sexico, made with passion fruit, lemon, and cinnamon, that guests can enjoy sipping or dancing to salsa music under the stars!

Taco Tuesday at this Lower East Side eatery is about expanding your horizons with plant-based offerings beyond your typical taco choices. Don’t miss their double-decker tacos filled with refried beans and cheese; their chorizo potato or egg taco options may just hit the spot for you! For something lighter, try their delicious taquitos filled with filling options like chayote squash, roasted mushrooms, or chimichurri for something satisfyingly unique!

Bushwick Taqueria can get packed on Taco Tuesday. Although somewhat hidden behind a bodega, their Baja crispy fish and adobada tacos make the wait worthwhile; plus, their bright pink tortillas support Breast Cancer Awareness month!

Caribbean-Mexican taqueria with an emphasis on local ingredients. Delicious dishes here include tasty tacos such as spicy chorizo and potato or carnitas options; alternatively, you could also opt for empanadas, ackee, and saltfish dishes instead!

4. Las’ Lap

Lower East Side restaurant and rum bar The Sultry Vibe of this Lower East Side Restaurant/Rum Bar makes it one of New York City’s must-visit spots, if only to experience its seductive vibe! Party like you’re Carnival season in Trinidad with dishes like Jerk Shrimp/Chicken/Patties/Oxtail (if applicable), Las’ Rum Punch cocktails, and other irresistibly delectable beverages!

At Orchard Street Caribbean Cafe on Orchard Street, the atmosphere is lively yet sophisticated enough for you to feel comfortable laughing out loud with friends you have known since childhood or flirting with the guy sitting next to you without worrying if it will lead anywhere. There are sky-high ceilings, potted plants, and floral bar stools – it may get busy occasionally, but never the massive crowds found at other LES bars such as Kind Regards or Mr Purple.

Experiences such as the Front Row Experience can also be indulged in, where mixologists come directly to your table and teach you how to craft two Courvoisier cocktails on your own – you’ll also get a welcome cocktail and bites by Las’ Lap.

No need to get too flirty; the food here is equally as enjoyable. Don’t miss the chayote squash taco with chipotle almond butter and a homemade version of chorizo wrapped up in bright yellow turmeric taco! Wash all this deliciousness with drinks like the Passionate Twist or Dry Manhattan made with Courvoisier VSOP.

Chinatown is a popular destination, famous for its delicious octopus tacos and strong margaritas. This spot also houses an art gallery filled with pieces by local artists. Service is excellent, and drinks are reasonably priced; the decor is lovely, as is its menu offering variety; high ratings from customers have proven this worthy of visitation; fast service and friendly staff make this visit worthwhile!