How to Choose the Best Tattoo Gun


Subpar tattoo guns can make the experience for clients uncomfortable and jeopardize their safety, so investing in quality machines will allow you to develop and sharpen your skills as an artist.

An outstanding rotary tattoo machine will bring flexibility and precision to your work. Lightweight models with interchangeable cartridge needles for lining, shading, and color packing provide more efficient results while having minimal vibration levels and allow long sessions without fatigue.

1. Saikoya Wireless Tattoo Machine

The Saikoya Wireless Tattoo Machine is an affordable and straightforward option for beginners looking to start tattooing, offering both affordability and simplicity. Equipped with an inbuilt coreless motor and battery capacity of 1950 mAh, this lightweight device also boasts minimal noise or vibration to avoid distracting other studio members while operating. In addition, its digital voltage display makes checking battery voltage easy.

The Dragonhawk Rotary Tattoo Machine is another excellent choice for beginners. Constructed of durable aluminum, its powerful rotary motor can handle both lining and shading tasks effortlessly, its long battery life works at multiple voltage levels, and it comes equipped with a comfortable ergonomic grip, making it portable – essential when tattooing outdoors! As with all tattoo machines, it is important to observe any sudden fluctuations in power during tattoo sessions, as these could indicate low batteries requiring replacement soon enough.

The Cheyenne Hawk rotary tattoo machine is an excellent option for novice artists. Featuring a compact design with a 3.5mm stroke length that’s ideal for most tattooing projects, its quiet, vibration-free operation makes it an excellent choice. Plus, this modular machine lets you switch between wireless and RCA modes as needed – providing plenty of customization options in terms of environment. Furthermore, maintenance and cleaning should also be easy!

2. Spektra Xion

FK Irons’ Spektra Xion is the first pen-like tattoo machine designed to give tattoo artists complete creative control, enabling them to realize their artistic vision. Its ergonomic, lightweight design provides optimal maneuverability, while its interchangeable strokes allow artists to tailor their creative vision to different tattooing styles. A one-turn dial allows soft or hard control settings; all cartridge modules can be easily fitted; its tapered grip makes handling and covering simple.

The Xion is built to meet precision and versatility needs, enabling you to take on lining and shading projects quickly. Plus, thanks to the speed of its workstation design, more clients will come your way and boost your income!

The Xion has an advanced Hex Drive MotorBolt system and a revolutionary design allowing simple needle depth settings via click. Crafted of Aircraft-grade aluminum, it weighs only 5.36 ounces. Compatible with most power supplies on the market and offering an external machine body that can be easily cleaned for sanitation, the Xion is an essential addition for tattooists seeking to expand their abilities – perfect for tattooing, micro pigmentation, and scalp micro pigmentation applications! A must-have!

3. Wormhole Tattoo Pen Kit

Tattooing can be expensive and time-consuming, especially for a beginner. To practice your craft effectively, however, a sound machine is required; Wormhole offers this complete kit with everything needed for beginners who want to start tattooing without breaking the bank! It includes everything they need for practice sessions, such as rotary pens, cartridge needles, and power supplies – making this kit the ideal way to dive right in without spending too much.

This rotary tattoo machine is made of high-grade materials and boasts an impressive motor. Capable of reaching 10,000 RPM and offering voltage between 5v-10v, its motor vibrates a great deal during use, often leading to discomfort for users. However, some have reported it stopping working after just a few benefits – yet another downside of its robust nature.

This comprehensive tattoo kit comes complete with a rotary tattoo pen explicitly designed for beginners, which is lightweight yet features a 3.5-machine stroke to make use easier during long sessions without making your hand numb. Furthermore, a foot pedal and clip cord are included so you can quickly switch between shaders and liners, plus an advanced gear system that reduces noise and vibration for even greater precision when tattooing.

4. Wireless Tattoo Machine Rotary Pen by MAST Tattoo

For high-quality tattoo machines designed to help you produce perfect results, look no further than MAST Tattoo’s Wireless Tattoo Machine Rotary Pen. Crafted with exquisite care and explicitly designed to offer precise lining, shading, and packing color – making this lightweight device suitable for any tattoo artist!

This machine offers adjustable needle stroke length and is compatible with all tattoo cartridge needles. The battery lasts 6-12 hours per charge, allowing quick charging times. Its digital LED power display shows the remaining work time, so you’ll always know exactly how much battery life remains!

This machine comes individually or as part of a kit that includes everything necessary for tattooing. The kit contains the device, a Bishop x Critical battery pack, a 7ft RCA cord, and a battery dock – ideal for beginners or experienced artists looking to upgrade their existing tattoo gun.

Tattoo machines are essential for applying permanent ink to the skin, so selecting one that’s comfortable, reliable, quiet, and produces minimal vibration is paramount when creating permanent ink on your body. Ambition Soldier offers these qualities and is an excellent choice for lining and shading applications.

5. Cheyenne Hawk Pen

The Cheyenne Hawk Pen is an exciting new generation of rotary tattoo machines. Designed with simplicity in mind, its pen/brush shape makes this machine simple for anyone – beginner or experienced alike! Ideal for both eyebrow tattoos and other applications; flexible yet durable with low noise/vibration levels produced during use; compatible with 21mm and 25mm grips to maximize freedom of movement – The Cheyenne Hawk Pen can also be adjusted to provide optimal freedom of movement!

German company Cheyenne is widely respected for their intuitive tattoo equipment, earning numerous accolades for the quality of its products. Their Cheyenne Hawk Pen model stands as an outstanding testament to this quality – featuring superior performance and reliability with compatible needle cartridges, allowing easy changes as needed; setup is quick and straightforward, while cartridges can easily be cleaned or sterilized quickly for fast sterilization processes.

The Cheyenne Hawk Pen may be corded, which may pose some artists a difficulty; however, the durability and reliability make it worthwhile for anyone aspiring to take their tattoo skills further. Its quiet operation will put clients at ease during tattoo procedures for optimal results!

6. Stigma Tattoo Kit

No matter your experience in tattooing, the Stigma Tattoo Kit gives you everything you need to create the incredible designs your clients crave. It features a powerful motor with an advanced gear system that ensures quiet operation and minimal vibration and is lightweight for easy handling over multiple hours.

The Stigma Tattoo Kit includes a tattoo gun, DC 5.5 connector cable, two adjustable tools, gloves, and bandages – everything needed for tattooing! Compatible with most cartridge needle types and designed with an ergonomic handle to be comfortable to hold; plus, it comes complete with its carrying bag to keep everything safe from damages or spills!

Stigma also offers an innovative hybrid tattoo machine called the Hyper V3. This machine can quickly switch from hard-hitting line work to soft shading with ease, and its advanced technology includes an intuitive screen readout interface that lets you make changes fast and instantly, including changing voltage presets with just a click or tilt of the machine; additionally, it features motion-activated voltage adjustment allowing users to increase or decrease power levels simply by tilting upward or downward respectively.

Though the Dragonhawk kit contains more machines than the Stigma Tattoo Kit, both offer outstanding performance and make excellent choices for novice or professional tattoo artists. However, Dragonhawk machines provide more excellent training materials, including set-up guides and technique eBooks.