Best Teacher Baek (Movie Review)


Suryong Baek was once an elite instructor within the Blood Cult but is killed and wakes up as a martial arts instructor at a rural academy. To save himself, Suryong realizes he must win competitions to keep his body – embarking on an epic quest to become a teaching superstar!

The Story

Suryong Baek was once an instructor of note in the Blood Cult but has since been killed and reincarnated into someone teaching martial arts at a rural academy. Recognizing that using his martial arts expertise to cure himself would require money, he sets out to become the top instructor at his academy so he may earn enough funds for treatment.

He uncovers rivals, plots, and ways to become stronger while working toward his aim; ultimately, his goal is to pass along what he has learned to worthy disciples. However, with competition fierce enough between instructors, he must put forth effort to become an outstanding teacher.

Muheun was amazed to see Suryoung had recovered some memories from before his accident while also becoming much more relaxed and open than before – and his martial arts becoming unrecognizable and powerful.

This manga boasts an engaging story with well-rounded characters. Additionally, its artwork is remarkable, and action scenes are riveting to read. Finally, its humor is integral to why this title has become so acclaimed – anyone interested in action, comedy, or fantasy genres must read this manga!

The Characters

Best Teacher Baek is an exhilarating blend of action, comedy, and gripping drama that keeps audiences laughing out loud! The story follows an entertaining protagonist who employs unconventional teaching methods to educate his pupils; additionally, its supporting cast is genuinely memorable, adding depth and intrigue to its narrative.

This manhwa was genuinely captivating and unlike anything I had read previously. Although the narrative begins slowly, it soon becomes an epic journey filled with numerous twists and turns that kept me guessing until its conclusion. Additionally, its plot featured excellent character development, captivating fight scenes, and stunning artwork.

One of the most intriguing elements of this manhwa is its protagonist’s unconventional fighting style. He uses a mix of kicks, punches, and grappling techniques to defeat his opponents – making him an extremely dangerous opponent whose dangerous fighting techniques inspire confidence among his students while developing their skills further. His innovative training methods also help them overcome psychological barriers that prevent success.

This story is ideal for manga fans looking for an engaging experience that will keep them engaged for hours. The characters are relatable, and the dialogue is clear. Unfortunately, however, the plot has some issues, such as its lack of romance and subpar action scenes that detract from it overall.

The author does an outstanding job crafting an endearing and relatable protagonist who is charismatic yet down-to-earth, treating his students respectfully. Furthermore, he’s hilarious, often breaking fourth-wall jokes by calling his students “baby” or “doll.”

In addition to the main protagonist, other noteworthy characters are present in this manhwa. It features an ensemble cast of individuals with distinct personalities and quirks.

Sneaky Snake is one of the standout characters, providing readers with constant amusement. In addition to his comedic value, he’s an experienced martial arts instructor who’s always ready for a challenge!

The Artwork

Although initially slow-paced, Best Teacher Baek quickly becomes an exhilarating mix of action and drama. It features an eccentric protagonist who uses unconventional training methods to instruct his disciples; its characters are well-developed and add depth to its narrative; additionally, it boasts beautiful artwork and breathtaking fight scenes that keep readers on the edge of their seats!

Janny Baek, known for writing Best Teacher Baek and other works that combine ceramics and architecture, hails from New York City. Her pieces often employ the traditional Japanese Nerikomi clay technique, where layers of clay are stacked vertically before being cut to reveal patterns; her designs harken back to modernist architecture yet convey a lighthearted, whimsical quality.

McMahon-Baek Architecture was established by her and Thomas McMahon in 2014; since then, she has returned to ceramic practice. Her ceramic pieces demonstrate an exquisite blend of form and function, exuding intimacy while exuding joyous energy; how its subtle gradients blend effortlessly with animated geometric patterns to produce timeless works creates an effect that makes this artistry truly contemporary yet timeless.

The Music

This song is an upbeat ballad featuring Baek’s longing for his student. The melody and lyrics are lovely. Additionally, its music video offers some cute scenes featuring beautiful backgrounds and camera shots, providing a nice change of pace from other locations from Best Teacher Baek, which have focused more heavily on action scenes.

Master Baek was the first Korean-American student of the late Master Chen Bing and one of “The Old Ten Disciples,” Lao Shi Tu Di. For his profound understanding and superior mastery of the Chen Family Taijiquan classical form, he received the prestigious title Chenjiagou Intangible Culture Chen Family Taijiquan Excellent Successor.

Baek can be seen to take Hwoarang seriously and disapprove of her street hustling activities, which is one reason he managed to kill her in her Stage 4 ending.

One thing I admired most about Hye Mi was her generosity. She would go above and beyond for her friends, whether taking notes for Song Sam Dong or making bets that she could get all regular track students an A in a songwriting class. Even went so far as to give up her place in the school orchestra to help out more experienced members of their group.

The episode’s final scene is one of the series’s finest yet. Shot with a Western-themed backdrop and featuring classic Western music playing in the background, it sets an incredible stage as a great way to end this episode and set an astonishing precedent for next week.