Pacific Park Perfume Review


Bring back memories of childhood and lightness with this vibrant fragrance reminiscent of Santa Monica amusement park through its sweet gourmand notes. It features top notes like Pear, Black Currant, and Mandarin Orange middle notes, including Fruity Notes of Cotton Candy Lily-of-the Valley Lilies. As base notes, including Caramel White Musk Vanilla, this floral fruity gourmand fragrance brings childhood and lightness back into our lives!

Simone Andreoli

Pacific Park perfume offers the refreshing smell of ocean air and seaweed combined with natural, light fragrance notes of bergamot and lemon, creating its distinctive Pacific coast aroma. Perfect for summer days and leaving you feeling rejuvenated all day long, Pacific Park perfume is available online as well as at select retailers.

Perfume can evoke powerful memories and emotions. Many people use perfume as an expressive form, and some even report feeling more attractive after wearing it. The smell of perfume varies significantly from person to person – thus, multiple types of fragrances must be tried before selecting your perfect match.

Simone Andreoli creates perfumes from natural ingredients, each offering its own distinct and unforgettable aroma. All fragrances are vegan- and cruelty-free, and you can layer multiple perfumes together to create custom combinations. With various sizes and formulations to choose from, you are sure to find your ideal scent!

Simone Andreoli is an esteemed perfumer in Italy’s artistic perfumery scene, and his fragrance collection embodies his journeys around the globe. Utilizing his “olfactory journal,” he captures aromatic spices and flowers found across different corners of the planet and transforms them into luxurious yet exotic fragrances to represent these locations.

His collection includes various fragrances, such as Deep Island and Synaesthesia of Smells. Inspired by a trip to Japan, Andreoli created Synaesthesia of Smells using samples gathered on islands there. Starting with fresh mineral notes before evolving into more sensual layers of myrrh, musk, and incense aromas, this exquisite perfume will inspire both men and women alike! This extraordinary creation will surely leave an unforgettable scent trail.

Limited-Edition Perfumes

Pacific Park will host Marc Jacobs Fragrances for an engaging consumer engagement. A toss game, ice cream flavors, and a themed Ferris wheel will offer visitors an opportunity to win one of Marc Jacobs Fragrances’ Daisy Love fragrances.

Simone Andreoli’s perfume creations are fragrant representations of significant events in his life, intoxicating senses and sparking imaginations alike. His aromas capture ocean depths, forest fragrances, and city energy to produce aromatic compositions that capture their creator’s spirit while inviting all to share in his inspiring experiences.

As a synesthete, Andreoli perceives his surroundings through the various sensory stimuli present. These impressions captured during his travels have been translated into delectable unisex perfumes infused with images captured during those journeys, each one bearing the stamp of Andreoli’s travel journal like paintings or music scores do. Andreoli’s deftly coordinated ensembles spark joyous living and sensual passion – producing captivating, luxurious collections of unique scents.

Fragrance Samples

Fragrance samples provide an easy way to experiment with new scents before committing to purchasing an entire bottle. Convenient vials make your favorite fragrance easy to bring anywhere – perfect for date night or refresher needs! Sample sets also give you the opportunity to discover niche perfumeries you may otherwise have never considered; from Eau de Neroli Tahitian Tiare or Daisy perfume, there are options from ELdO that fit any preference imaginable!

Simone Andreoli is a synesthete, experiencing life through its various visual stimuli and recreating these images in elegant fragrance creations. His luxurious perfumes serve as diaries of his journeys, indulging your senses with rich textures while awakening them with vibrant fragrances like Sunplosion-Aloha State of Mind or Leisure in Paradise limited-edition fragrances that transport you to faraway places while increasing joie de vivre and inspiring wanderlust. Order one now to immerse yourself in sensuous olfactory experiences!

Customer Reviews

Pacific Park Perfume offers unique fragrances made with natural ingredients for any special occasion or everyday wear – whether that is your wedding, special event, or simply daily scent needs. Their specialty perfumery creates one-of-a-kind scents designed to capture specific moods or moments in life without being overbearingly floral as many commercial perfumes can be.

Pacific Park perfume is a woody floral fragrance inspired by the scenic Pacific Northwest landscapes. With top notes of bergamot and lemon, heart notes of jasmine rose, and lily of the valley, supported by base notes of musk amber sandalwood, it makes an irresistibly fragrant combination – quickly finding the ideal size and formula bottle is easy!

Perfume is an increasingly popular cosmetics product with numerous health and confidence-enhancing advantages, including reducing body odor and increasing self-confidence levels. Every person responds differently to different scents; therefore, it is wise to sample multiple before selecting one specific fragrance.