The Best Lobster Roll in Boston


With its refined decor and lovely patio, this North End spot serves classic cold lobster rolls or warmed in butter on soft split-top rolls – and also offers a seafood version of chicken po’boys!

The owner of this stall is an avid devotee of lobster meat. She prefers her roll without mayonnaise, pickles, celery salt, or lemon juice as decoration, leaving it up to its sweet sweetness to shine.


At Cusser’s Lobster Rolls in Boston-area restaurant are some of the finest lobster rolls you’ll find anywhere, with warm lobster meat (typically chunks of tail and claw meat) piled high into classic top-split buns lightly dressed with mayo. Prices at this Boston restaurant may be more costly than others listed here, but if you’re willing to splurge, Cusser’s is well worth the cost!

This popular seafood spot by a fine dining restaurant group takes inspiration from North Shore snack shacks with lobster rolls and delicious roast beef sandwiches, along with fantastic chowder. Enjoy dining at their Downtown Crossing location near Old South Meeting House or take away.

At this bustling, casual North End seafood restaurant, the wait to order is worth every moment when you take a bite of Boston’s best lobster rolls! These New England-style sandwiches boast five and a half ounces of the tail and claw meat plus chunks of celery and scallions on Iggy’s brioche roll, along with either herby tarragon mayo or sensuous red wine butter for optimal meat-to-bread ratio.

Eventide’s non-traditional lobster roll is an absolute must for seafood enthusiasts. Their chefs prepare three unique dressings, but their brown butter vinaigrette stands out among them all as impressive, featuring bold flavors without being overly salty – ideal for creating an innovative take on lobster rolls that doesn’t rely on excessive mayo to be enjoyable!

At this straightforward seafood shack in North End, ordering can sometimes require reading the menu board and shouting orders to someone manning the counter – all part of its charm. Famous for their fried seafood offerings such as lobster rolls (the cold version is slightly bland, but the warm buttered version can be sublimely delectable), you’ll also find swordfish souvlaki, fish tacos, tuna burgers, beer-battered fish of the day, whoopie pies, and much more on offer here.

Wicked Lobsta

Lobster rolls are an absolute must when visiting Boston, featuring fresh pieces of lobster in buttery layers on a soft roll, along with coleslaw or chips and your choice of flavor options, such as mayonnaise or lemon aioli, for additional customization.

While most people enjoy their lobster roll warm with melted butter, others may prefer cold lobster salad and lighten up with mayonnaise dressing. Chatham Pier Fish Market specializes in classic hard lobster rolls featuring iceberg lettuce with chilled lobster meat as the centerpiece and offers various sauces to enhance its flavor – an ideal lunch choice after taking in a baseball game or visiting nearby museums!

At this restaurant, their lobster is delivered daily and served on freshly toasted Rockenwagner brioche bread from Maine. Their owners are very welcoming and will assist with figuring out the most efficient way for you to order their delectable cuisine.

This restaurant may be more costly than others, but its exquisite lobster is worth the trip alone. Fresh and tender lobster pieces are prepared with secret ingredients for an exceptional flavor profile, while their large lobster rolls provide convenient on-the-go meals.

The lobster comes from New England at this restaurant, while the brioche bread is handmade by a local bakery. Their lobster is very tender and juicy and seasoned with savory herbs and lemon. Their modern decor features plenty of light wood accents and exposed brick walls, creating an intimate yet romantic dining experience – ideal for romantic dates or ending a day of shopping at boutiques nearby. Their friendly staff ensures your lobster roll is prepared as you like – suitable for family outings.

Saltie Girl

North End Eatery in Boston may not be in Maine, but this North End Eatery stands out as one of the best lobster roll spots. It is also famous for its whoopie pies and specialty products like those. You can get a classic cold lobster roll or “hot in butter.” Additionally, they provide other seafood items like canned clams and mussels. And finally, they ship nationwide!

Michael Serpa’s classic split New England popover fried lobster roll, boasting generous portions of claw and knuckle meat piled atop Iggy’s brioche bun, is an all-out feast and well worth its higher cost compared with some of the other options on this list.

Saltie Girl is an ideal place for lunch when you can’t make it out to the coast but want an authentic lobster roll in an intimate environment. While they don’t accept reservations, the small restaurant can become bustling during busy periods; their staff is accommodating and attentive, ready to assist in finding their favorite dish on their menu.

Eventide’s brown butter lobster roll offers a fresh and delightful take on traditional lobster rolls. The deliciously nutty butter blends perfectly with neutral lobster meat while seeping into soft and absorbent buns to form an indulgent and filling meal.

This lobster roll is a must for locals and tourists, offering deliciousness in every bite! Take home a copy of its recipe! In addition, the restaurant provides other seafood specialties, including lobster pizza, scallop ceviche, grilled octopus, and their popular lobster chowder dish.

Mare Oyster Bar offers delicious and unique lobster rolls in downtown Boston that you won’t find elsewhere, served hot or cold, made with brioche from a nearby bakery, with rosemary fries on the side as an added extra treat. They also have an incredible edamame salad that is perfect for changing your typical fare! This restaurant can be found near Faneuil Hall and the Granary Burial Ground, so you can enjoy their delectable lobster roll while exploring historic downtown Boston!

Row 34

Row 34, an industrial-chic restaurant in South End Boston, is best known for its exceptional oysters, raw bar and caviar selections, and hardworking seafood staples like lobster rolls. Island Creek Oyster Bar, located nearby, provides excellent opportunities for exploring Maine lobster.

Chef Jeremy Sewall sources all his lobster from his family’s fishing company in Maine, which shows. His large lobster roll offers an exquisite combination of tail meat, claw meat, and knuckle on a traditional split-top roll grilled with butter – not overshadowed by Hellman’s mayo enhanced with pickles and celery to keep its focus squarely on sweet lobster meat!

Saltie Girl stands out among Boston seafood spots as a go-to spot for delicious lobster rolls, including one highly recommended by us: their hot one at Saltie Girl is undoubtedly impressive. Not only did this trendy seafood spot pioneer tinned fish plates, but their lobster rolls are just as delectable! Made using an elegant Pepperidge Farm bun toasted in butter and filled with the freshest meat from a Maine lobster before being decorated simply with mayo and celery salt/lemon juice combination and bread & butter pickles add another nice touch – not forgetting their impressive holes too!

Cusser’s has been offering New England seafood favorites since 1925. Their lobster roll is a crowd-pleaser, boasting heaps of sweet lobster in an easy classic sandwich without filler ingredients to distract from its rich, sweet meat. Enjoy it alongside creamy chowder or cold beer to create a perfect dining experience.

This high-end seafood spot with locations in both Back Bay and Time Out Market is a must for any Boston foodie. Their famous lobster roll is popular among diners but is also the best in Boston. Perfect as part of any picnic spread and worthy of making any visit worthwhile, classic versions come served on a brioche bun with butter; alternative arrangements feature popovers with creme fraiche!