Best Mediterranean Food Near Me


At this cozy spot Downtown, enjoy authentic Mediterranean cuisine. Start your experience with a vibrant salad featuring feta, olives, red onion, and pepperoncini, rich in vitamin E and protein!

Rioja provides an elegant approach to Mediterranean dining, serving dishes from every region in this diverse cuisine. Their menu boasts seafood dishes, charcuterie platters, salads, decadent desserts like Halvah Cotton Candy and Grapefruit Givre – plus decadent desserts like Halvah Cotton Candy!


New to the scene, this restaurant is an absolute must for those seeking authentic Middle Eastern cuisine. Their dishes feature fresh ingredients with vibrant flavors reminiscent of Lebanon. Their staff is welcoming and attentive. Their extensive menu covers appetizers to main courses, desserts, and cocktails. It is located within Pendry Manhattan West Plaza.

Ash’Kara draws its menu inspiration from and pays homage to the cuisine and flavors of Lebanon, Israel, Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Mesopotamia, and Mesopotamia. Their modern yet traditional approach incorporates ingredients from around the globe in delicious authentic meals that satisfy their patrons.

Ash’Kara has long been a local favorite, particularly in Lower Highlands. This Israeli restaurant features wood oven pita, hummus topped with roasted mushrooms, black garlic, and herbed feta cheese; Aleppo pepper muhammara; tomato chili babaganoush, as well as various small plates and entrees such as grilled octopus served with Vidalia onions capers, red wine vinaigrette to their signature open-faced lamb patty, served couscous with an apricot Tzatziki sauce!

Ash’Kara brings the best Israeli cuisine to Denver. At the same time, Daniel Asher (Acreage, River, and Woods) blends other Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, and North African influences into its menu at this four-month-old LoHi hotspot. This can be seen through dishes such as feather-light “sufganiyot” doughnuts, steak n’ latkes, breakfast takes on saganaki, as well as words meant to be enjoyed with your hands such as three deep-fried phyllo dough cones filled with lemony spinach, pulled chicken similar to shawarma; as well as Mexican-style tinga.


For fresh Mediterranean cuisine in an upbeat atmosphere, check out Felfel. This popular restaurant provides a selection of vegetarian and vegan-friendly dishes ranging from hummus and falafel to other Middle Eastern-influenced spreads such as salads and grilled vegetables at reasonable prices with superb service in various locations of New York City alone.

This trendy and contemporary NYC restaurant takes an inventive approach to Mediterranean cuisine than its predecessors, combining Mediterranean flavors with modern American ingredients for an innovative dining experience. Their menu offers a delicious range of appetizers, entrees, and desserts, perfect for celebrating special events or simply enjoying delicious meals! This restaurant provides the ideal atmosphere to bring a celebration or treat yourself!

This upscale casual restaurant provides a full menu of Israeli, Lebanese, and Middle Eastern fare and seating for 74. It is perfect for group dinners or special events and is also popular among shoppers stopping in while shopping at Bal Harbour Shops for quick bites such as fresh falafel.

Royal Palm Hotel’s lobby restaurant is an inviting Mediterranean-style dining room with a warm ambiance and welcoming staff. Fresh yet light dishes abound here – ideal for romantic meals. Options for vegetarians and seafood enthusiasts include red snapper with cilantro-citrus emulsion and seared foie gras served alongside whipped ricotta and ramp puree.


Shuka offers various Mediterranean dishes, such as hummus, falafel, chicken kabobs, and its famous shakshuka and baklava dishes. Their friendly service has earned rave customer reviews, making this restaurant ideal for lunch or dinner out with friends or family members and food delivery service!

Ilili Restaurant serves delicious Lebanese fare with an abundance of flavor. Their menu offers falafel, fattoush, other Lebanese specialties, desserts, and Turkish coffee. Located in a historic building and delivering a cozy ambiance, their staff is always available and knowledgeable enough to assist customers in selecting their ideal dish.

This restaurant is an excellent option for an authentic Mediterranean experience. Their experienced chefs use only local ingredients when crafting dishes made to order, and generous portions are served up. Wine and craft cocktails are available, as well as gluten-free options!

This ” Homemaker ” restaurant in Hebrew boasts an eclectic international menu featuring saffron linguine, grilled octopus, Iberico ham, crisp artichokes, and olive oil gelato.

This restaurant specializes in fresh Mediterranean seafood and features a full bar. Their owners are experts in their field and dedicated to creating high-quality cuisine, such as vegetarian options and bread varieties. Their desserts are delicious; for instance, their grapefruit given stuffed with rose-scented loukoum and topped with flossy halvah cotton candy is outstanding! Additionally, the wine list here is equally impressive.


Bustan is a fantastic restaurant that attracts out-of-towners and Instagrammers and is known for its delicious French Mediterranean-style decor. Their diverse menu caters to everyone – vegetarians and vegans are welcome, too! Their beautiful decor showcases everything from hummus and pita bread to fish dishes, grilled lamb shish kebabs, chicken shish kebabs, and sweet rose-scented loukoumas served with flossy cotton candy as tasty treats!

Bustan’s French Mediterranean cuisine and gorgeous decor are a draw for out-of-towners, while its pink hummus is sure to please. Made with toasted sesame seeds and mint leaves, their pink hummus is an irresistibly delicious accompaniment for their falafel or kabobs – you can even order stuffed falafel as part of their drink selection! Service at Bustan is outstanding, and the staff is warm and friendly, guaranteeing a fantastic dining experience here.

Balaboosta, located in New York’s West Village, is one of the finest Mediterranean restaurants in NYC. Owner Einat Admony has crafted an enticing menu spanning cultures and cuisines, making this restaurant a must-visit. Offering salads, wraps, and paninis in addition to Moroccan, Indian, and Italian specialties, don’t miss it!

Shoo Shoo offers fresh, seasonal cuisine designed with care. Their dishes use grass-fed organic proteins and whole grains from local farms for maximum nutritional benefit while being delicious. Everything is prepared in an up-to-date kitchen, and the prices are competitive relative to quality; reservations are strongly advised due to small dining space constraints. Don’t miss the classic Israeli Arak mix with Jamaican Rum and Loganberry Liqueur- an excellent place for socializing and reconnecting! In addition to serving delicious food, this restaurant also makes an ideal place for friends to get together and reconnect!


Miami’s Mediterranean food scene has taken off, providing access to this region’s incredible range of cuisine. These restaurants feature fresh, flavorful cuisine inspired by Israel, Lebanon, Turkey, and Greece that offers cold/hot messes, grilled steak/chicken kebabs, and desserts – perfect for quick lunchtime bites or more elegant dinner events!

Rioja is one of Spain’s premier wine regions, located in its northern corner and covering three autonomous regions – La Rioja, Alava, and Navarra. Rioja boasts one of Spain’s oldest designations of origins, with wines known for their fruity yet balanced characteristics and long oak aging processes.

Tomatoes and peppers from the Ebro Valley, such as their famed smoked paprika, are integral components of many Riojan dishes, as are vegetables such as artichokes and asparagus – often eaten steamed for salads or grilled when serving up vegetable mantras – although goat meat and lamb are both trendy options; many bars even feature the unique dish known as an “embutido,” wherein an entire goat has been stuffed and then roasted!

Rioja wine is composed primarily of Tempranillo, although Garnacha and mazuelo may also be included. This light, fruity wine ages gracefully over time to produce elegant silkiness; typically, its Crianza blend consists of both Tempranillo with acidity- and tannin-enhancing grape varieties like viura and mazuelo as acidifiers and tannin carriers to produce full-bodied wines that boast complex notes of vanilla spice.