How to Write a Health Guest Post to Build Credible Backlinks


An authoritative health guest post can establish your brand as an authority and thought leader within your field while simultaneously increasing relevant and organic website traffic by building strong backlinks. The best way to Publish Guest Posts from Google News Approved Blogs.

Before writing a health guest post, it is advisable to conduct extensive market research to identify opportunities. Furthermore, it would be prudent to target healthcare blogs with large audiences and active social media profiles as potential targets.


Healthline is an online health and wellness site that provides articles on various topics related to diet, exercise, and mental health. Their articles span a range of medical conditions as well as lifestyle factors like diet, exercise, and mental well-being – with the purpose of helping individuals become their most vital and healthiest selves by offering helpful wellness stories and information. Healthline content is fact-checked and reviewed by medical personnel as well as editors and writers before being verified for accuracy by stringent outsourcing rules and citations.

The Health Journal provides authors looking to share their knowledge and expertise about health and fitness with an expansive readership. Furthermore, its guest post policy accepts well-researched articles that adhere to submission guidelines as well as best writing practices – for your content to remain high quality, be sure to adhere to submission guidelines as well as understand Healthline’s demographics so it resonates with them! How to Publish Guest Posts?

The Health Journal

The Health Journal is an interdisciplinary journal that publishes original research articles, reviews/mini-reviews, and short articles covering all aspects of health, illness, and medicine from social perspectives. With its broad scope, sociologists, historians, psychologists, and other scholars can collaborate in exploring cultural contexts surrounding experiences of illness or wellness.

Writing guest blog posts related to health can help build your reputation and establish yourself as an authoritative voice in the industry. However, you must ensure your content meets high-quality and audience standards; top health blogs typically have specific submission guidelines that only accept well-written posts that provide unique and pertinent content.

Before submitting your post for publication, conduct thorough market research to identify health and wellness blogs that might be interested in publishing it. This will enable you to target your pitch specifically and connect with new audiences by targeting specific sites that can benefit from what you have to say. Furthermore, try not to oversell yourself by overusing keywords and overpromoting your post. Expert guide on Publish Guest Posts on Pensivly?


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Health blogging enables brands and/or health influencers to reach wider readerships and expand their reach. Publishing on authoritative health blog sites also builds credibility, increases SEO rankings, and provides an opportunity to network with editors and build relationships with potential customers.

This website is an indispensable online resource for business professionals, offering news and insights on trends, economics, technology, and more, with articles geared to provide quick reads in just five minutes for busy executives. Furthermore, its forum allows businesses to express ideas and share knowledge. Overall, its goal is to equip its audience with all of the knowledge needed for success in our ever-evolving world – its daily updates cover finance, marketing, and technology as well.

Real Health Talks

Real health talks are an effective means of disseminating information in remote communities. They often utilize visual aids like posters or even natural objects like birth control pills as visuals to engage the audience at large and at once. Health workers must be careful to avoid bad habits when conducting health talks – including failing to address concerns and fears, being respectful towards participants, building upon applicable customs already present in a community, and checking that their audience understood.

Our website welcomes guest posts related to health wellness, home remedies, and lifestyle topics. Articles must be well-written and grammatically correct, with content that is at least 600 words long and does not include affiliate links. Please read our guidelines for more details.

If you want to write a guest post about health, there are numerous websites that accept guest posts. Simply use search engines with “health blog” as keywords, and you will quickly locate them. Most of them boast high domain authority, so they will provide do-follow backlinks directly back to your site—perfect if you need backlinks!


Kevin built his platform, which now attracts 3 million monthly page views and more than 250,000 followers on both Facebook and Twitter, by providing physicians and patients a voice online. His content has become highly influential and earned the attention of multiple prestigious media outlets. Kevin is an active physician who often keynotes major healthcare conferences; additionally, he offers training sessions to both clinicians and non-clinicians alike on using social media successfully for healthcare marketing and health promotion purposes.

Many health blogs accept guest posts, which are a great way to expand your audience and brand recognition. When writing guest posts for these health blogs, however, be sure that they are accurate and informative, as leading health blogs search for original, plagiarism-free material that includes credible sources.

As a health blogger or writer looking to expand their audience, numerous high-quality health blogs welcome your contributions. Most are actively searching for fresh material; most will notify you whether your article meets their criteria by informing you or having submission guidelines such as word counts and formatting requirements.